NFL will review Super Bowl train station delays

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The league plans to review a miscalculation that created massive overcrowding and hours-worth of delays after the Super Bowl.

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The NFL will look into the mass transit nightmare that left thousands of fans stranded in New Jersey for hours after the conclusion of the Super Bowl, according to ESPN.

The league admitted it underestimated the number of fans that would be commuting via train, a miscalculation that resulted in chaotic crowds and long delays, the worst of which centered around the Secaucus Junction.

The New Jersey/New York Host Committee expected roughly half of the 28,000 people that jammed into the train system before and after the game, a number that set a new record for single-day traffic.

"We've got a couple of things that we will review and obviously try to improve on," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said on Monday morning.

NFL executive vice president Eric Grubman explained that an unexpectedly large number of fans leaving the lopsided game early caused the initial pileup.

"There was no service until that first train and people left Penn Station much earlier than they needed to," Grubman said. "So you had a queue forming that filled up the lobby of Seacaucus. That's my understanding. Then when people who were on the trains from Penn Station and other places in New Jersey arrived in New Jersey anticipating that they'd get that first train, they ran into a wall of people so that created the first unpleasant anxiety-filled wait."

New Jersey Transit eventually dispatched additional buses to help ease the strain on the train system. The last train left MetLife Stadium at 12:45 ET, nearly three hours after the conclusion of the game.

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