NFL compensatory draft picks announced

The NFL has allocated the compensation picks for teams who lost major free agents last offseason, setting the complete draft order.

The order of picks for the 2014 NFL Draft are finally settled after the NFL announced Monday it is handing out 32 total picks to 13 different teams.

The Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets received the most compensatory picks, each getting four. The highest pick given by the NFL was to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who bagged the 33rd pick of the third round.

The way the NFL determines the exact compensation for a lost free agent is unknown. However, it is based off of the caliber of the player lost in free agency the previous offseason. The highest the pick can be is at the back-end of the third round, while the lowest runs all the way to the end of the seventh round.

Below is a table for every pick given as compensation for May's draft:

Round Round choice/ overall selection Team
3 33-97 Steelers
3 34-98 Packers
3 35-99 Ravens
3 36-100 49ers
4 33-133 Lions
4 34-134 Ravens
4 35-135 Texans
4 36-136 Lions
4 37-137 Jets
4 38-138 Ravens
4 39-139 Falcons
4 40-140 Patriots
5 33-173 Steelers
5 34-174 Giants
5 35-175 Ravens
5 36-176 Packers
6 33-209 Jets
6 34-210 Jets
6 35-211 Texans
6 36-212 Bengals
6 37-213 Jets
6 38-214 Rams
6 39-215 Steelers
7 33-248 Cowboys
7 34-249 Rams
7 35-250 Rams
7 36-251 Cowboys
7 37-252 Bengals
7 38-253 Falcons
7 39-254 Cowboys
7 40-255 Falcons
7 41-256 Texans

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