49ers could be 'very aggressive' in 2014 NFL Draft, according to report

Ezra Shaw

How much truth is there to rumors that the 49ers are looking to trade into the top five picks of the 2014 NFL Draft? Well for starters, they have have 11 picks at their disposal, and they're desperate to win now.

The San Francisco 49ers have 11 draft picks in the 2014 NFL Draft, six of them within the first three rounds and be readying a big move up the draft order. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen (via Rotoworld's Evan Silva) the Niners could be "very aggressive" in order to make a splash. In particular, they could be targeting a move up to No. 5 overall with Oakland Raiders as willing trade partners.

Helping the 49ers is the fact that they don't have any glaring needs to shore up, making 2014 a fine offseason to splurge on a potentially game-changing luxury. Mortensen mentioned Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans as a possible target if the 49ers move up. Evans makes sense at the No. 5 spot (he is SB Nation's No. 7 overall prospect) and he could finally give a solid, but unspectacular Niners receiving corps the dynamism it has lacked.

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Bigger needs exist at cornerback and potentially outside linebacker depending on the organization's confidence that Aldon Smith can clean himself up off the field. The 2014 crop of cornerbacks doesn't feature a standout, surefire top-10 pick, however, though if the organization wanted to target an outside linebacker it could make a move for Buffalo's Khalil Mack.

The 49ers have been successful at making targeted moves for players they want under general manager Trent Baalke and head coach Jim Harbaugh. Last season, they sent the No. 31 overall pick and No. 74 overall pick to the Dallas Cowboys to move up to No. 18 and select safety Eric Reid. In 2011, they were able to acquire quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the second round at No. 36 overall by trading their second- (No. 45), fourth- (No. 108) and fifth-round (No. 141) picks to the Denver Broncos.

Moving into the top five would be out of the norm for the 49ers. They haven't had a pick within the top five since selecting Alex Smith No. 1 overall in 2005. Prior to that, they traded their No. 3 overall pick in 2000 so that the Washington Redskins could select offensive tackle Chris Samuels. The 49ers received the No. 12 and 24 overall selections in return.

Giving up a king's dowry in the NFL Draft isn't pervasive in San Francisco's genes, but given how close they have come to winning the Super Bowl the last two years, and that they have to face last year's champion Seattle Seahawks twice during the regular season, they may be more willing to cash in their stockpile of picks this year.

The possibilities are apparently drive 49ers fans mad:

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