Greg Hardy ordered to turn in guns, dispute linked to Nelly

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The case against Greg Hardy is growing more complicated and bizarre. Details Thursday suggest that his altercation with his ex-girlfriend began as a dispute over her previous relationship with Nelly.

Authorities have reportedly asked the Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy to turn in a cache of weapons, which, according to Hardy's former girlfriend Nicole Holder, may consist of 25-30 firearms, according to the Charlotte Observer. Holder alleged that she was attacked by Hardy in his home Monday night after the two had gone out for drinks with friends, and Hardy has been charged with assaulting a female and communicating threats.

According to the warrant request released by the Observer, Holder alleges that her altercation with Hardy began because the defensive end became angry with her for a previous relationship with rapper Nelly.

Hardy must hand over guns

Hardy was arrested Tuesday and held overnight until a Wednesday hearing, at which point he was released on bond. One condition of his release was that he must attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings three times per week. Another condition, revealed Thursday, is that he must turn in to authorities all of his firearms -- "AK-47s, automatic-looking weapons, shotguns, rifles and pistols," according to Holder.

Deputies may show up to Hardy's home and ask for his weapons as early as Thursday night. Because the judge's written order is not a warrant, they will not be able to enter his home without his permission.

Hardy allegedly threw Holder on a couch covered with guns during their dispute, at which time he threatened to shoot her. She said that he threw her several times -- onto the floor, into a tile bathtub and into a futon -- and choked her twice. Per Holder, Hardy "just snapped." Until Thursday, it was unclear what set him off.

Dispute erupts over Nelly

Hardy and Holder had reportedly broken up in March but were trying to reconcile. Since breaking up, however, Holder reportedly had a relationship with Nelly, who is a part-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. The relationship was reportedly a source of friction between the two, and bothered Hardy, who Holder said, "often becomes suddenly very angry."

Authorities released tapes of Hardy's 911 call on Wednesday, which reveals a muddled picture of what happened. Hardy's initial call suggests that Holder was also an aggressor. Via the Observer:

"Like, yo, she’s out of it, my man," Hardy tells the 911 operator. "And she will not stop coming at me, bro."

The judge in the case, Becky Thorne Tin, said that injuries sustained by Holder -- scrapes and large bruises -- and the allegations raised concerns about Holder's safety. Another woman who was reportedly at Hardy's residence placed a call at his building's security desk saying that a woman had been beaten there for more than 30 minutes.

"We need the police here now before this girl gets seriously hurt. Now!" she said.

Holder denied request for restraining order

Holder submitted a request Thursday that would bar Hardy from her home, the restaurant where she works and the nearby home of her parents. It was dismissed after she failed to appear at Thursday's scheduled hearing to consider the request.

Holder has since parted ways with her lawyer, Stephen Goodwin of Matthews, N.C., who told the Observer that he and Holder had mutually agreed to a split due to irreconcilable differences. Goodwin was unsure whether Holder would continue to pursue a criminal case. If she withdraws, charges could still be pursued against Hardy.

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