Quotable: Texans know who they want at No. 1, Mike Mayock explains Teddy Bridgewater

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The Texans know who they want with the No. 1 pick ... but they're not saying who. It probably isn't Teddy Bridgewater, as Mike Mayock explained Thursday. Those stories, plus more on Trent Richardson and RG3.

"I absolutely know who I want."

- Texans GM Rick Smith on the No. 1 overall pick

Not that Smith is about to reveal his intentions before draft day. The Texans remain demure about their draft plans, with Thursday's admission (via the team's official site) that there is currently a special someone being the most revealing thing they have said to date.

Of course, just because the team knows who it would like to take, doesn't mean it will follow through. As Tim at Battle Red Blog points out, a trade back to back in the draft is still an option.

That second quote above leads me to believe that the Texans remain wide open to trading the top pick. Whether that means they're actively working the phones trying to proactively move the pick or simply fielding phone calls from interested teams who are feeling the Texans out as to what it'd cost to move up, I have no idea.

Rumors have centered on Johnny Manziel and Jadeveon Clowney as the most likely selections if the Texans hold on to the No. 1 overall pick. So no, we don't really know anything more than we did before Smith's revelation. But get excited, you guys, the NFL Draft is almost here/over!

"The Bridgewater thing has confused me, it has confused teams, but I'd be surprised if he goes in the first round."

- NFL.com's Mike Mayock

We've been following the Teddy Bridgewater beat closely here at SB Nation. On the whole, we've tended toward the pro-Teddy side of things, creating silly infographics and being generally miffed at the quarterback's precipitous fall from grace. During a lengthy conference call with reporters Thursday, Mike Mayock laid out his honest critique of Bridgewater, and explained why he believes that the Louisville product can't be the face of a franchise.

Mayock added that Bridgewater has likely slipped out of the first round, behind Manziel, Blake Bortles and Derek Carr, who he sees as first-round picks. He explained that he had Bridgewater as his top quarterback at the start of the pre-draft process, but an extraordinarily poor performance at his pro day has changed the narrative. Re-evaluating Bridgewater's film, Mayock wasn't as enthralled with his game.

Mayock had clearly given a lot of thought to the issue. We'll see soon enough whether Bridgewater's tape outweighs live observations.

"I remembered the playbook last year. I know it now."

- Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson's 2013 season went nothing like he or the Indianapolis Colts had planned. After being traded from Cleveland in exchange for a first-round pick, he went on to average just 2.9 yards per carry. Richardson is confident he'll bounce back this season, however. He knows the playbook now. Full quote via Colts.com:

"I'm learning a lot, as much as I've learned in this last week, (it's) much more than I learned last year," said Richardson.  "The off-season is very important because you have a chance to vibe with your team, to build that respect, to build that trust and then to build that team chemistry with your offensive line, with your quarterback.

"Knowing the concept of a play is the biggest thing because when it comes down to it, if you just remember what you're doing, that's not good enough.  I remembered the playbook last year.  I know it now.  I'm learning a lot this year."

The Colts let Donald Brown walk to the San Diego Chargers, so the team must have some faith that Richardson will return to form. If he struggles to start the season, however, he won't have the playbook to blame.

"If he wants to use a sprinkle, a dash, whatever he decides, that's his take, and I'm all for it."

- Robert Griffin III on the read option

RG3 remained diplomatic when told that new head coach Jay Gruden wanted to faze out the read option except for use in "sprinkles." Though the quarterback has made spectacular use of read option concepts since college, he told NFL Network's "NFL Total Access" that he'll be just fine if the Washington Redskins don't run it as often.

"I know guys like myself have used that attack our whole careers, so it's part of our game. At the same time, it's not like we live and die by it."

Griffin is attempting to bounce back from an ugly sophomore season hindered by injuries and a lame duck head coach. Some may question the wisdom of taking away a key aspect of his game at such a crucial junction in his career, but Griffin certainly has the tools to be a top-flight quarterback even if he is relegated to a bigger role in the pocket.

Gruden's bread-and-butter is offense. If he doesn't mesh with Griffin immediately, negative press could surround Washington again.

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