Johnny Manziel doesn't want to play in Jacksonville, his family doesn't want Houston, per report

Manziel's NFL destination won't be known until at least Thursday, but he and his family reportedly have their preferences.

The Jaguars and Texans have been mentioned as possible landing spots for Johnny Manziel, but if the quarterback and his family reportedly get their preference, he won't be selected by either. Manziel isn't keen on playing in Jacksonville and his family is "not rooting" for him to land in Houston, according to a report from Don Banks of Sports Illustrated.

According to Banks, Manziel doesn't want to play in Jacksonville. The preference isn't based on Gus Bradley or anyone in the Jaguars organization, but instead the location of the team. That could make for an interesting dynamic as there are growing rumors the Jaguars could select Manziel with the No. 3 pick. While Manziel would reportedly prefer not to land in Jacksonville, his family would like him to get out of Texas, also according to Banks:

Their thinking is that Manziel will find it far easier to distance himself from his "Johnny Football'' persona and focus completely on football if he's not near the circle of peers who comprised his college-era partying crowd.

Why this makes sense

Neither rumor is overly surprising. Jacksonville hasn't exactly been a top destination for NFL players recently. Manziel has a cult-like following in Texas and getting away from that crowd to where he can focus on football and not be pulled in a million different directions could also make sense. Manziel might be the best-known player in the draft and as a quarterback will draw more than his share of media attention. Add in the pressure to perform and anything to ease the transition to the next level would be beneficial.

Why this doesn't make sense

It all comes down to money. The Texans pick first overall and the Jaguars hold the No. 3 pick. By hoping for a different team, the Manziel clan would essentially be hoping he falls in the draft, costing himself money in the process. Success in the NFL can often be about landing in a good situation on the field. The Texans have a solid defense and plenty of talent at the skill positions, possibly making for a smooth transition to the next level where Manziel isn't relied upon to carry the load all by himself. The Jaguars don't have as much talent at the skill positions, but are in Year 2 of a complete rebuild with less pressure to win now.

Likelihood: 8

It wouldn't be surprising if Manziel and his family had partiality for where they'd like him to end up. Every player probably has similar preferences. Eli Manning didn't want to play for San Diego and wound up pushing for a trade to the Giants. It's completely believable that Manziel's family would prefer him to escape a bit from his current surroundings. As for Jacksonville, maybe Manziel doesn't like humidity?

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