NFL Draft 2014: The complete list of traded draft picks


The NFL Draft is full of wheeling and dealing with picks and players exchanging hands frequently. Keep track of all the happening with our draft pick trade tracker.

SB Nation 2014 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft order starts out with each team holding seven draft picks. By the time all of the picks are made, the final order -- especially in the late rounds -- will barely resemble the original. Picks are traded, and sometimes traded again, before being made.

Nearly two dozen picks exchanged hands leading up to the draft with some, like the Redskins No. 2 pick, being dealt years ago. Many more picks will be traded during the draft as teams move up and down, hoping to land a player of their choice or stockpile selections. The flurry of deals can make keeping track of things a major challenge, but our draft pick trade tracker is here to help.

Thursday trades

Bills move up to No. 4, draft Sammy Watkins
  • Bills get: No. 4 overall
  • Browns get: No. 9 overall, 2015 first round pick, 2015 fourth round pick
Browns jump back up, take Justin Gilbert
  • Browns get: No. 8 overall
  • Vikings get: No. 9 overall, No. 145 overall (5th round)
Saints move up, take Brandin Cooks
  • Saints get: No. 20 overall
  • Cardinals get: No. 27 overall, No. 91 overall (3rd round)
Browns trade up again, take Johnny Manziel
  • Browns get: No. 22 overall
  • Eagles get: No. 26 overall, No. 83 overall (3rd round)
Vikings trade up for Teddy Bridgewater
  • Vikings get: No. 32 overall
  • Seattle gets: No. 40 overall (2nd round), No. 108 overall (4th round)

Trades Made Pre-Draft

Round 1

No. 2 overall from Redskins to Rams (Robert Griffin III trade)

No. 26 overall from Colts to Browns (Trent Richardson trade)

Round 2

No. 56 overall from Chiefs to 49ers (Alex Smith trade)

Round 3

No. 77 overall from Titans to 49ers (part of trade for 2013 2nd-round pick)

No. 83 overall from Steelers to Browns (part of trade for 2013 4th-round pick)

No. 96 overall from Seahawks to Vikings (Percy Harvin trade)

Round 4

No. 104 overall from Buccaneers to Jets (Darrelle Revis trade)

No. 114 overall from Ravens to Jaguars (Eugene Monroe trade)

No. 127 overall from Colts to Browns (part of trade for 2013 5th-round pick)

Round 5

No. 146 overall from Raiders to Seahawks (Matt Flynn trade)

No. 150 overall from Lions to Jaguars (Mike Thomas trade)

No. 159 overall from Ravens to Jaguars (Eugene Monroe trade)

No. 169 overall from Patriots via Eagles to Saints (Part of trades involving Isaac Sopoaga and Darren Sproles)

Round 6

No. 181 overall from Raiders to Texans (Matt Schaub trade)

No. 183 overall from Buccaneers to Bears (Gabe Carimi trade)

No. 185 overall from Bills to Buccaneers (Mike Williams trade)

No. 193 overall from Cowboys to Chiefs (Edgar Jones trade)

No. 198 overall from Eagles to Patriots (Isaac Sopoaga trade)

No. 205 overall from 49ers to Jaguars (Blaine Gabbert trade)

Round 7

No. 225 overall from Giants to Panthers (Jon Beason trade)

No. 229 overall from Bears to Cowboys (Dante Rosario trade)

No. 232 overall from Ravens to Colts (A.Q. Shipley trade)

No. 235 overall from Cardinals to Raiders (Carson Palmer trade)

No. 238 overall from Chiefs to Cowboys (Edgar Jones trade)

No. 241 overall from Colts to Rams (Josh Gordy trade)

No. 242 overall from Saints to 49ers (Parys Haralson trade)

No. 243 overall from Panthers to 49ers (Colin Jones trade)

No. 247 overall from Seahawks to Raiders (Terrelle Pyror trade)

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