NFL Draft trade rumors: 5 teams that could be moving up the board

We're just hours away from the NFL Draft, and somehow reporters still have rumors to feed the starving masses.

SB Nation 2014 NFL Draft

Rumors are flying fast with the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft set to start at 8 p.m. ET. Deals are presumably being brokered as we chew on the remaining gristle of hearsay, and ESPN's Adam Schefter apparently feels he has a good grasp on who will be looking to make trades Thursday.

That's good enough for us. Here's a look at the teams reportedly looking to trade up, who they're targeting and where they need to move to get them.

Detroit (Current pick: No. 10)

Who they want: WR Sammy Watkins
Where they want to go: Nos. 2-3
Likelihood: 5/10

The Lions reportedly were in contact with Watkins every day during one period of the pre-draft process. It's no secret they need wideout help alongside Calvin Johnson. The only thing making a trade unlikely is the fact that this year's class of wideouts is very deep. Mike Evans could fall to them at No. 10, and if not then, either Odell Beckham Jr. or Marqise Lee could be excellent consolation prizes. The team was reportedly enamored with Watkins at one point, however. If the Lions still are, they better be readying a big move.

NY Jets (Current pick: No. 18)

Who they want: WR Brandin Cooks, TE Eric Ebron
Where they want to go: Nos. 11-14
Likelihood: 3/10

The Jets are desperate for offensive weapons, and Cooks and Ebron both have high ceilings. Gang Green Nation also mentions Khalil Mack as a possible target if he slips. The Jets would have to play the situation by ear. The Tennessee Titans reportedly want to trade down from No. 11, and Ebron -- who is a projected top-10 pick in both of SB Nation's final mock drafts -- could slip, enticing New York to capitalize. As for Cooks, the Jets wouldn't necessarily have to trade up to get him, but if they are truly in love with his skill set then a move up may seem worthwhile.

Cleveland (Current picks: Nos. 4, 26)

Who they want: QB Teddy Bridgewater
Where they want to go: Nos. 17-20
Likelihood: 5/10

GM Ray Farmer is reportedly "enamored" with the former Louisville quarterback, and lucky for him Bridgewater has taken a bizarre tumble down draft boards. But is it safe to assume he'll fall all the way to the Browns' second pick at No. 26? Outside of the top 10 there aren't any quarterback-desperate team besides the Arizona Cardinals, and they may have their hearts set on someone else if SB Nation's latest projections are any indication. But Dan Kadar has the Cincinnati Bengals snagging Bridgewater just two slots ahead of the Browns, and if they don't take him there someone else may be willing to take him as a flier. If the Browns want to be safe, they could try to swap picks with the Miami Dolphins at No. 19.

Houston (Current picks: Nos. 1, 33)

Who they want: QB Teddy Bridgewater
Where they want to go: End of the first round
Likelihood: 4/10

The Texans have reportedly locked in their first pick, and Jadeveon Clowney seems like the most likely choice. Houston still desperately needs a quarterback, however, and Bridgewater's slip into the back half of the first round could make a jump up from No. 33 palatable. The QB-hungry Browns are waiting at No. 26 if they don't take a quarterback at No. 4, so the Texans would have to give up a sizable bounty to move up. If the Browns already have their quarterback by then, though, the Texans could try to swap places with the New England Patriots at No. 29.

Atlanta (Current picks: Nos. 6, 37)

Who they want: S Calvin Pryor, DE Kony Ealy, DE Dee Ford
Where they want to go: Middle of the first round
Likelihood: 6/10

The Falcons have been most often mentioned as the likeliest trade partner for the Texans' No. 1 pick. With the Texans apparently happy to have the top pick, the Falcons may try to make a splash later in the first round. They have plenty of fodder to make a move, with 10 picks total. The team also has plenty of needs to address on defense. The Ravens (No. 17), Dolphins (No. 19) and Patriots (No. 29) are all reportedly interested in trading down. The Falcons have the arsenal -- and GM Thomas Dimitroff has the gall -- to make a deal happen.

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