Quotables: David Quessenberry vows to beat cancer


Elsewhere, Reggie Bush feels the Lions' new offense will suit Matthew Stafford just fine.

"My fight has just begun."

-- Texans OL David Quessenberry

Houston Texans offensive lineman David Quessenberry took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce the tragic news that he was recently diagnosed with cancer.

The former San Jose State Spartan was the Texans' sixth-round pick in 2013. He was placed on the team's non-football injury list. His agent also issued a statement.

"The goal of David's treatment is to cure the disease so he can return to the life that he has worked so hard to earn. David is extremely positive and determined to win this fight against cancer."

Texans head coach Bill O'Brien also made a statement on Tuesday giving his support for Quessenberry.

"From our staff, and our team, to David and his family, we're all in his corner," O'Brien said. "We look forward to the day that he beats it and returns to the Houston Texans."

"These diseases, both alcoholism and addiction, much like bipolar or depression and different illnesses, are still not seen as real diseases..."

-- Jim Irsay, Colts owner

Without apologizing for any wrongdoing, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay opened up about his struggles with addiction and alcoholism in a conversation with Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. He wouldn't elaborate on the case that has him facing two misdemeanor charges. Instead, he explained that he's facing significant challenges on the road to recovery not unlike those of the terminally ill.

The NFL still hasn't addressed the issue from a disciplinary standpoint. Commissioner Roger Goodell faces pressure from the players to punish Irsay after building a reputation for coming down hard on players for similar or even lesser infractions.

"The union's position is a naked cash grab"

--Anonymous "league source" to ESPN about Jimmy Graham's hope to be paid like a wide receiver

Jimmy Graham is officially listed as a tight end, and the New Orleans Saints are hoping to only have to pay him like one instead of his claim to be paid like a wide receiver. The Saints certainly utilize Graham's talents all over the field, but a "league source" told ESPN that the NFL Management Council is prepped to fight the NFL Players Association on the issue.

This offseason, Graham and the Saints front office have been at odds over his role given the huge disparity between the two positions' value with a franchise tag ($12.3 million for WRs compared to $7.035 million for TEs). The Saints applied the tag to Graham and could still reach a long-term deal with their offensive star, but it's unlikely any deal is reached before this case is settled.

Graham's grievance hearing is scheduled to begin on June 17.

"I'm hopeful that will happen for me soon."

-- Andy Dalton, Bengals, QB

The Cincinnati Bengals may have all the pieces in place they need on offense to make a deep run in the postseason, and if quarterback Andy Dalton is the man to lead them there, they'll have to commit to him financially.

On Tuesday, he said that he would have no issue with accepting a complex, incentive-laden deal like that of San Francisco 49ers signal-caller Colin Kaepernick. With a six-year deal in place for Kaepernick, Dalton is eyeing a similar payday.

There has been discussion on both the Bengals' side and Dalton's agents, but the two haven't been able to come to terms regarding the player's value. In addition, the contracts of A.J. Green and Vontaze Burfict are additional high priorities before the season begins.

"There's not a lot Matt can't do."

-- Reggie Bush, Lions RB on QB Matthew Stafford

Quarterback Matthew Stafford has immense talent, but the veteran hasn't quite met the high expectations of a No. 1 overall selection. Entering his fourth season and working under a new coaching staff, Stafford now faces another test in his career to see if the new structure coupled with better weapons around him can make the difference.

One such complementary player is Reggie Bush. When speaking with Albert Breer of NFL Media on Tuesday, the running back defended Stafford and went as far as saying he was a "perfect" fit for the new offense under head coach Jm Caldwell. With the addition of Golden Tate and draft pick Eric Ebron, his chances to improve upon a disappointing 2013 season are promising.

"It's hard."

-- Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboys OL on playing C

NFL rookies must mutter the above phrase to themselves all the time in their first season in football's most demanding league, but No. 16 overall pick Zack Martin went public with it in an interview with Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

That's because Martin, who played 52 games at left tackle, took snaps under center for the first time since doing so at workouts for NFL teams in the offseason. Martin's talent and versatility should pay immediate dividends along an offensive front that should be the Cowboys' best line in several seasons.

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