Quotables: Colin Kaepernick's deal is friendly to both team and player

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Kaepernick stands to make an awful lot of money with his new contract, but it's also a team-friendly deal.

"It is a team friendly deal, but it also allows Colin Kaepernick to prove he is worth a ton of money."

-David Fucillo, Niners Nation

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick signed a huge contract extension on Wednesday. The deal will keep him with the team through the 2020 season and could be worth up to $126 million. But the deal, while record-setting, isn't exactly a detriment to the 49ers' salary cap. There's actually language that could reduce it significantly in the event that the 49ers aren't doing what they need to be doing; winning games. That includes a clause that could drop Kaepernick's guaranteed money by $2 million per year under certain circumstances.

In order to avoid that penalty, Kaepernick has to play in 80 percent of snaps on offense each season and has to either lead the team to the Super Bowl or be named an All-Pro (first- or second-team is fine). As noted by David Fucillo of Niners Nation, Kaepernick's deal falls somewhere in-between being team-friendly and player-friendly. "It is a team-friendly deal, but it also allows Colin Kaepernick to prove he is worth a ton of money," Fucillo says.

The contract is also notable for the fact that it requires Kaepernick to purchase, out of pocket, an insurance plan that would pay $20 million to the 49ers in the event that Kaepernick sustains a career-ending injury. Kaepernick's contract is guaranteed against injury from 2014 through 2017 (and partially in 2018) but this would allow the 49ers to take less of a hit if the worst were to happen for the young quarterback.

"I'm one of those guys who wants to be with his teammates."

-Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was at the NFL Players Association rookie premiere event last week, but if he had his choice, he'd have been with the Vikings for organized team activities. Bridgewater said that he's "one of those guys who wants to be with his teammates," as noted by the Star-Tribune. Bridgewater missed two OTA practices to attend the event.

Bridgewater also said that he hasn't taken any first-team reps at quarterback yet, but he's "not worried about that," according to the piece. Bridgewater is expected to win the starting quarterback job after the Vikings traded up into the first round to draft him in May. His primary competition includes Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel, neither of whom have inspired much confidence throwing the football.

"The complaint is stricken as immaterial, impertinent and scandalous."

-Judge Steven Merryday, U.S. District Court

The frivolous lawsuit filed against Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel has been dismissed as ... frivolous. U.S. District Court judge Steven Merryday dismissed the lawsuit on Wednesday, saying the complaint is "stricken as immaterial, impertinent and scandalous," according to the USA Today. If you're just hearing about this, it really is worth a read, and falls into the "uh, what?" category. The lawsuit was filed as a hoax by a man named Jonathan Lee Riches, who has done this in the past with other celebrities.

"Focusing on three cities for now to potentially host next year's Draft."

-Brian McCarthy, NFL PR

The NFL is focusing on three cities to play host to the 2015 NFL Draft: New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. New York's Radio City Music Hall has informed the league that the venue will not be available in either April or May to host the event as usual, so if New York is picked the draft would be held at Madison Square Garden. The league is considering two sets of dates for the draft to be held: April 22-25 and April 29-May 2.

Interestingly, both sets of dates span four days, which could mean the league is planning on stretching out the process even more. Currently, the first round is on Day 1, the second and third rounds are on Day 2 and the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds are on Day 3. It's also worth noting that Brian McCarthy -- a PR employee of the NFL --said in a Tweet that "other cities remain in the mix." Given that Chicago and Los Angeles have been noted as cities eager to host the draft, it seems likely they'll be able to accommodate the NFL this year.

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