Quotables: Cris Carter thinks the Browns should release Josh Gordon

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Josh Gordon is in a bad place, and Cris Carter thinks a release from the Cleveland Browns could be the thing that gets him on the right track.

"I really think that the only thing that's going to help [Josh Gordon] is if they release him."

-Cris Carter

Former NFL wide receiver Cris Carter knows a thing or two about off-the-field issues. Carter was on the verge of throwing away his football career because of alcohol and drugs back in his playing days, and he insists that Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is currently on that same path. Carter says his situation is similar, and that the catalyst for him turning his life around was his release from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Carter thinks the Browns should do the same thing for Gordon. "If I'm the Cleveland Browns -- and it's gut-wrenching for me to say this -- I really think that the only thing that's going to help the kid is if they release him," Carter said on Mike & Mike Monday. Gordon is one of the most talented receivers in the NFL, though, and any decision of that magnitude can't be an easy one to make. Still, he's likely facing a yearlong suspension and any further incidents could earn him a lifetime ban.

"I wouldn't be surprised if the NFL holds the first round of the draft in LA and the rest in Chicago."

-Charean Williams, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

We all know that the NFL is exploring other options outside of Radio City Music Hall for hosting the 2015 NFL Draft, but with all the talk of Los Angeles, Chicago and even another venue in New York, the discussion is now focused on whether or not the league could host the draft in multiple cities.

In such a setup, LA or Chicago could host one or more rounds, and the other city would host the remaining rounds on a different day. Both cities have reportedly been gunning for the right to host the draft. One discussed format is the possibility of LA hosting the first round of the draft, with the rest held in Chicago, as suggested by Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

"We are grateful to Judge Brody for her guidance and her thoughtful analysis of the issues as reflected in the comprehensive opinion she issued today."

-Anastasia Danias, NFL senior vice president

Judge Anita Brody gave her preliminary approval to the revised concussion settlement between the NFL and former players on Monday. The original settlement was blocked by Brody over concerns the original dollar amount wouldn't cover all potentially eligible players. The new settlement includes an uncapped total pool of potential money for retired players in need of treatment.

There's still a ways to go for this settlement, but provided there's no mass exodus of individual players from the settlement, the final approval should be given by Brody without issue. That would come after the league gives the players opportunities to opt out of the settlement.

"I like the idea of being the guy other teams have to look out for."

-Khalil Mack, Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders rookie outside linebacker Khalil Mack pinch-hit for Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column and discussed his road to the NFL, and where he's going to go from here. The Raiders took Mack in the first round, one of the few first-round picks they've made in some time that was actually well-received by draft critics.

Mack said that he is at his best "as a wild card on defense," and that he liked the idea of "being the guy other teams have to look out for." Mack will certainly be that guy, as he's expected to contribute early and often on pass-rushing downs. He's likely to be an impact player in his rookie year.

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