Quotables: Tyrann Mathieu hopes Josh Gordon can learn from his mistakes

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In other NFL news, Cordarelle Patterson says he's an elite NFL player, and Jim Brown says he's ready to take any action to stop the sale of an allegedly stolen championship ring.

"I know how bad I have been suffering, and I am not eligible to receive a dime."

-Frank Wycheck, former NFL tight end on the concussions lawsuit

A federal judge provided preliminary approval on Monday for a revised settlement between the NFL and former players over financial compensation for concussions sustained while playing. The move was praised by the plaintiffs, but not all former players are happy. Longtime tight end Frank Wycheck expressed his disappointment to Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean:

"Let's keep the window dressing off of it as far as having a parade and a standing ovation for it," Wycheck said. "I know how bad I have been suffering, and I am not eligible to receive a dime. ... I find it hard to believe there will be a lot of guys eligible for it because there's not a lot of guys worse than me."

Wycheck said he has suffered an estimated 15-to-25 concussions during his playing career with the Tennessee Titans.

"Hopefully, he will get the point."

-Tyrann Mathieu, on Josh Gordon

Tyrann Mathieu certainly knows what it means to shed a negative reputation due to off-the-field issues and move forward as a professional football player. He's hoping that Josh Gordon, the troubled wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, can learn some of the same lessons he has.

Gordon was already facing a likely one-year suspension from the NFL after another violation of the league's substance abuse policy, but a recent DWI charge could earn him an indefinite ban. He might be finished as a member of the Browns, and the concern for Gordon has shifted to his personal wellness and safety over actual football. Mathieu was the latest to weigh in during an interview on NFL Total Access:

"Hopefully, he will get the point. Hopefully, he will get the message. But, most of the time it takes people to hit rock bottom for them to start believing in themselves, and start seeking help. A lot of people could reach out to you, but that doesn't mean you always take that help, take that advice. He just has to want it for himself. ... I'm still young myself, I don't know too much about it. I do know that it takes a lot to look in that mirror and fix yourself."

Mathieu sat out much of his final season with the LSU Tigers after getting arrested for marijuana possession.

"I'm feeling 100 percent."

-Joique Bell, on his return from a knee injury

Joique Bell has been taking time off early this offseason as he returns from a knee injury, missing offseason activities and mini-camp with the Detroit Lions. Now the running back says he's ready to roll, and he should be back to form as the team prepares for training camp. He told Justin Rogers of MLive.com that he's been working out at Jay Glazer's training center in West Hollywood:

"It's been great so far," Bell said. "They're really monitoring, as far as meal plan, cardio, explosiveness and stamina. We're working on a variety of different things, switching it up, doing MMA (training), working out just about every muscle in the body, which is very tiring."

"I'm going to be a top-five playmaker."

-Cordarrelle Patterson

The Minnesota Vikings already have one of the NFL's greatest offensive players in running back Adrian Peterson. Wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson believes he's ready to match Peterson's elite status as an offensive force in the NFL.

In an interview on NFL Fan Pass, Patterson discussed his high expectations for the coming season. The Vikings are likely counting on him to be exactly that after a dynamic rookie season in which he scored nine touchdowns and displayed a penchant for big plays on offense and special teams.

"I'm going to be a top-five playmaker," Patterson said. "I'm a playmaker, I like to make plays. Like I tell them, just get the ball in my hands I feel like I'm special with it. I just like to do special things with the ball."

"We never sell anything that has been stolen or not authenticated."

-Josh Evans, chairman of Lelands.com, on a claim the auction site is selling a stolen ring

Jim Brown believes Lelands is selling stolen goods. The auction house hit back against Brown's claim today that his 1964 NFL Championship ring currently up for auction was stolen from him 40 years ago.

Chris Thomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that Lelands acquired the ring in 1998 from a member of Brown's own family. Brown, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, said on Monday that the ring was stolen in the late 60s. The Cleveland Browns legend also said he'll do what it takes to halt the sale, which runs through July 25.

"I'm going to definitely do whatever action is open to me because my property was stolen and I haven't authenticated anything,'' Brown said. "It's my property so (Leland.com's sale) should be against the law. My friends are calling me and thinking that I sold the ring or something. Why would I sell my championship ring?''

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