OL Review: The Last Two Weeks


Matt Weston from Battle Red Blog continues to study the offensive line by delving deeper into Derek Newton's play against the Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks

Checking The Pulse: Texans Fans On Matt Schaub


We've had a couple days to reflect on what happened at Reliant Stadium on Sunday when the Texans blew a double-digit lead to the Seahawks. How do Texans fans feel about Matt Schaub now?

Pre-Game Recon: Five Questions With Field Gulls


Danny Kelly stops by to give some insights on his favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks, as they prepare for their Week 4 matchup with the Texans in Houston.

The Film Room: Attacking The Seahawks' Secondary


Brett Kollmann from Battle Red Blog breaks down Seattle's formidable Legion of Boom and how the Texans should be able to air it out this Sunday.

The MDC Memorial Blacklist, Week Three


Think of it as chicken soup for the soul...that's been doused in gasoline and sewage before serving.

Oh, Snap! Houston Texans Snap Count Report (Wk. 3)


The Houston Texans endured a 30-9 mind-numbing loss against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Let's take a look back and who contributed the most (and least) to this dismal effort. Was that too emo?

Battle Red Radio: The Return Of The BRB Podcast


Stay awhile and listen to the 2013 regular season's first edition of Battle Red Radio. Topics include the Ravens, the Texans' offense, Duane Brown, the AFC South, and general jibber-jabber.

Unnecessary Film Study: The Punt Return Touchdown


It's only unnecessary because I'm showing you things you already know, but the devil is in the details. Let's take a look at the punt return touchdown coughed up by the Houston Texans' coverage unit in Baltimore.

Houston Texans Week 3 Review


Come read about penalties, mourning Duane Brown's toe, and other analysis in Battle Red Blog's Week Three Review of the Texans' loss to Baltimore.

Injury Updates On Andre Johnson, Duane Brown


Thanks to Gary Kubiak, here's the latest on the health of the Texans' All-World wide receiver and All-World left tackle.

This Week In Pictures: Texans v. Ravens


Try not to pull a muscle in your neck as you shake your head in disgust while reviewing the photography from yesterday's game versus the Baltimore Ravens. The Texans lost 30-9.

Texans Week 3 Hero & Goat: Disappointment Abounds


I'm tempted to just list the entire roster and coaching staff under goats, but someone had to play well in Houston's week 3 loss to Baltimore, right?

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