Playbook: Rivers connects with Gates for 60th TD

As usual with the Chargers, Sunday was chock-full of highs and lows, but there has always been one constant in San Diego over the last eight years: Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates are really,...

San Diego Chargers Snap Counts: Week 17

A weekly feature looking at the distribution of playing time for the San Diego Chargers players on offense and defense. This week, we see who got the most snaps as the Chargers avoided an...

Thomas Keiser Arrested Sunday Night

It seems one Chargers player may have partied a little too hard after the game Sunday night.

The Chargers backed into the NFL playoffs

Look, I think we're all happy the Chargers are in the playoffs. But let's take a closer look at how they really got there, and if Mike McCoy deserves all the credit the media is heaping upon him.

Week 17 Grades: Chiefs at Chargers

I'm still somewhere between euphoric and exhausted. Yes, the Chargers didn't play a great game, yet somehow managed to win their most important regular season game in about 5 years and are headed...

The Missed Penalty: A History Lesson for Steelers

Reviewing how an egregious call against the Chargers may have helped the 2008 Steelers win the Super Bowl

Bolts & Dolts: Mathews carries Chargers over KC

In the final regular season game of the year for the San Diego Chargers, which of their players performed above (or below) expectations?

Review: Chargers on 4th down against the Chiefs

The Chargers faced plenty of 4th downs this past Sunday. How well did Mike McCoy (with special bonus appearance by Eric Weddle) handle them?

Chargers get into playoffs with win over Chiefs

The San Diego Chargers are 9-7 and, somehow, headed to the 2013 NFL Playoffs with a first year head coach. It took an Overtime win over the Kansas City Chiefs' backups to get here, but now the...

Halftime: Chargers trailing Chiefs' backups 21-14

Needing a win to get into the playoffs and facing the Kansas City Chiefs' backups, the San Diego Chargers are playing their worst football of the season.

Week 17: Chargers Fan Viewing Guide

Here is all of the information that you need to catch this Sunday's game between the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs on TV, radio or online.

Rivers and Weddle named to Pro Bowl roster

In Mike McCoy's first year as head coach of the San Diego Chargers, two of his players were named to the Pro Bowl roster and five more are listed as alternates.

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