Steelers need to play more, press less

No question, the Steelers need to realize the urgency of their situation. A losing record is slowly choking the life out of their post-season goals, but is the team only making it worse as they struggle to free themselves.

Who's seeing ghosts now?


Today may be Halloween, but it gets an encore on Sunday afternoon, when a November New England football field will be filled with more ghosts than any haunted house this season - between Tom Brady's and Ryan Clark's.

Steelers Film Room: Back-up OL come up short

The Steelers had to replace three offensive linemen during a Week 8 loss to the Raiders. It had a detrimental effect on their running game, to put it mildly.

Steelers Film Room: Plenty of blame to go around

The Steelers go back to their losing ways against Oakland on Sunday.

Suisham can't kick six-point field goals

Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham missed two makeable field goals in the 21-18 loss to Oakland on Sunday. And while he certainly deserves a bulk of the blame for the loss, Pittsburgh may not even have a win in 2013 if it wasn't for Suisham's consistency.

BTSC Week 9 Power Rankings

The Power Rankings are getting quite depressing. Let's do the whole thing in GIFs!

Tarver fined, apologizes for flipping off official

The flag was eventually picked up but not before Tarver dropped several expletives and the most universally well-known hand gesture was made. He'll drop an undisclosed amount of cash as well.

Keisel will stress need to get off to better start

Steelers defensive end and captain Brett Keisel will ensure his team is aware of the need to start much sharper than it did in a 21-18 loss to Oakland in Week 8.

Bell: 'They out-executed us'

Despite having seen everything on film, the Steelers were beaten savagely by Oakland's defense in the run game. It begs the question of what will happen if the Steelers see everything the Patriots will do in their upcoming Week 9 game.

No news could be good news on DeCastro

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin will provide an injury report at his press conference Tuesday, and here's to holding out hope the fact nothing's been said about injured guard David DeCastro means he'll be ready to play at New England Sunday.

Gilbert, Keisel earn top PFF marks

David DeCastro is now the third-ranked offensive guard in the NFL, according to the play evaluation web site.

BTSC On Demand: 92.3 ESPN Radio

Listen in at 3:45 p.m. ET to BTSC editor Neal Coolong's interview with Todd Steward on ESPN 92.3 in Selinsgrove, Pa.

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