Beachum to rotate with Adams more than Gilbert


Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert will start today's game in London, but Kelvin Beachum will take the field in the same manner he did last week, only this time he will be spelling Adams rather than Gilbert.

Dwyer fined for "crown of the helmet" hit


Dwyer becomes the second player in the league to be fined for the new "crown of the helmet" rule, disallowing running backs from ramming head first into defensive players in the open field.

Steelers tackle rotation needs to come full circle

Even if Kelvin Beachum proves to be more conducive to winning than Mike Adams or Marcus Gilbert, he cannot replace both men. The Steelers also need to know who will play wherever Beachum isn't.

Bears Playbook - Trestman by the Numbers


It doesn't take too much time looking at Marc Trestman to guess that this guy is a total geek. Here's a peek at the numbers Trestman is running to manage risk in games.

Steeler's Film Room: Good, bad and unlucky

The Steelers played their best game of the young season this past Sunday against the Chicago Bears, but their effort did not translate into a win.

Antonio Brown fined for two plays against Chicago

Brown highlighted a career day with a hefty game check reduction from the league.

A QB slide makes respect easier to come by


Bears quarterback Jay Cutler perhaps earned some respect from his teammates when he bowled over Pittsburgh safety Robert Golden after a 13 yard run on Sunday. However, with the option to slide, it's a bit easier for a QB to earn respect.

5 Burning Questions on the Steelers

Is Big Ben still a viable NFL franchise quarterback? Are the Steelers right to try "flavor of the month" at tackle? Who is better Brown or Wallace? Answer these and other Burning Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Special teams have come a long way since preseason

Steelers coverage units in particular have fared well through the first three games of the regular season, and punter Zoltan Mesko has some of the better statistics for his position in the NFL.

Polamalu is back for Steelers

The Steelers can definitively say after three weeks Troy Polamalu is back. He missed most of the 2012 season with a lingering calf issue, but he's back to being the same explosive player we're used to seeing.

Steelers Film Room: Questioning benching Gilbert

It didn't seem like Steelers right tackle Marcus Gilbert should have been benched, but judging by his performance upon his return to the field, he should hold onto his job in Week 4.

Alan Faneca isn't walking through that door


Pittsburgh's offensive line faced a battle-tested and experienced defensive unit in the Chicago Bears in Week 3. The Bears didn't just instantly turn into one of the best all-around front 7 groups in football. They improved together.

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