Snap Counts: Week 3


A weekly feature looking at the distribution of playing time for the San Diego Chargers players on offense and defense. Let's see who got more (or less) playing time against the Titans last week.

BFTB Staff Roundtable: Rivers and his antics


The Bolts from the Blue staff tell us their thoughts on Philip Rivers complaining to the officials and incurring an unsportsmanlike penalty in the Chargers' 17-20 loss to the Titans.

MCM Radio: Previewing the Titans vs. Jets


Tonight on MCM Radio Danomite and myself have a whole heck of a lot of ground to cover: from the ever-devolving Kenny Britt situation and the sudden expectations being placed on Jake Locker, to...

Jake Locker: Better than the numbers?


In my second installment of the numbers-analysis (for Week 3), we're going to focus in on a guy who is the talk of Nashville right now after a thrilling last gasp win over the San Diego Chargers,...

Chargers pierden contra los Titans 20-17

Los Cargadores de San Diego hacen el largo viaje a Tennessee y pierden espectacularmente en los últimos segundos 20 a 17.

Tweet Roundup: Chargers lose to Titans


A collection of the best tweets that were tweeted during the San Diego Chargers' 17-20 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

Titans vs. Chargers Twitter film review


Last night I re-watched the Tennessee Titans win over the San Diego Chargers and tweeted my thoughts as I watched.

Week 3 Grades: Chargers at Titans

The Chargers travel all the way to Nashville to discover precisely how many mistakes it takes for them to lose to an equally mediocre team. The answer is: Quite a few, actually.

Running back success rates against the Chargers


Chris Johnson didn't break the century mark against the Chargers, but that doesn't mean he didn't have a successful game.

Bolts & Dolts: Chargers lose close game to Titans

Bolts & Dolts is your weekly listing of San Diego Chargers that played above, or below, expectations. Which players stood out in San Diego's loss to the Tennessee Titans?

Titans vs Chargers position-by-position recap


How did the Titans grade out?

Links: The streak is over!


The Tennessee Titans finally put an end to their ways of misery against the San Diego Chargers yesterday.

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