Does Mike Glennon trust the offensive line?


Mike Glennon's scrambles against the Seahawks actively hurt the Bucs - and often came when there was no need to escape the pocket. We look at three plays that indicate Glennon might not trust the...

Reviewing the pass protection: Week 9 - part three


The final part of the Week 9 pass-pro review looks at some positive plays from Sunday, culminating in possibly the best single-play performance from a Bucaneers offensive lineman this season.

Twelve's Company podcast, Week 10

Welcome to the Twelves Company Podcast, brought to you by Field Gulls and SB Nation. It’s Thursday night and you’re better at life, so sit back and relax… you’re on Company time.

Reviewing the pass protection: Week 9 - part two


In part two of the Week 9 pass protection review, we look at the failings of one specific position which have been letting the offensive line down as a whole this season: guard.

NFL Odds, Week 10: Seahawks vs. Falcons ATS

Please gamble responsibly.

A look at 3 plays from the Seahawks and Buccaneers

Travis breaks down the touchdown that almost was, the 3rd down conversion that should never have been, and briefly discusses the problem of defensive linemen in Seattle's offensive backfield.

Reviewing the pass protection: Week 9 - part one


In [art pme of the Week 9 pass protection review, we look at some evidence that the apparent improved play on the offensive line is a product of increased chemistry and communication by the OL -...

"You gotta be able to stare down the gun barrel"

Russell Wilson's big-time throws vs. the Bucs.

12th Man podcast, Week 10: Hawks vs. Falcons

Scott Enyeart, Jason Puckett, and yours truly are back with another episode of the 12th Man Podcast for Week 10 and it's brought to you by the fine ladies and gentlemen at Sports Radio KJR.

Mike Rob and the FB Lead is back

A week after Seahawks' running backs only had 12 carries for 28 yards against the Rams, they followed up with 28 carries for 162 yards against the Buccaneers.

Reviewing the game film on Glennon: Week 9


For your weekly Mike Glennon review, we look at the areas where Glennon is improving, how he can improve, and where he's regressing; plus your regular breakdown of every pass Glennon threw last...

Tale of the Tape: The Seahawks' key 3rd down plays

Seattle went 8-for-12 on third downs against Tampa Bay. Davis and I break down some of those plays.

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