Lions vs Browns: Stories Behind Post-Game Embraces


As I was watching the end of the preseason game between the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns, I saw QB Brandon Weeden happily talking to TE Brandon Pettigrew, which led me to wonder, "why...

Pokorny's Game Review: Lions vs. Browns


The Browns are putting together a very impressive preseason thus far, both on offense, defense, and special teams. They got off to another 17-0 start, this time against the Lions, and ended the...

Analyzing Snap Counts: Lions vs. Browns, Defense


We already looked at the offensive snap counts for the Cleveland Browns against the Detroit Lions. Now, it's time to turn our attention to the defensive snap counts.

Analyzing Snap Counts: Lions vs. Browns, Offense


The Cleveland Browns' starters played about a quarter and a half this week against the Detroit Lions, so the playing time percentages are certainly going to be different from the first preseason game.

The honest interview with Chudzinski


The honest interview series continues with Rob Chudzinski speaking his mind about the second preseason game against the Lions

Twitter Reactions After Browns' Win vs. Lions


After the Cleveland Browns defeated the Detroit Lions 24-6 on Thursday night, here is the reaction from several of our players and front office members on Twitter.

Winners & losers from Lions' second preseason game

A look at the Detroit Lions who stood out for good reasons and those who stood out for bad reasons on Thursday night.

Instant Recap: Browns Win 24-6 vs. Lions


The Cleveland Browns defeated the Detroit Lions in the second preseason game of the year by a score of 24-6. Brandon Weeden and the first-teamers were impressive, putting together a 17-0 lead...

Recap: Lions fall to Browns, 24-6

The Detroit Lions were extremely sloppy on Thursday night in a 24-6 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Lions vs. Browns - 2nd Half Game Thread


The Browns played very well, though, getting off to a 17-0 start for the second week in a row against first-teamers. The Lions tacked on a field goal, but Cleveland dominated the first half and...

Lions at Browns: Second half open thread

The Detroit Lions are down 17-3 at halftime to the Cleveland Browns.

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