Pre-Cutdown Falcon 53 Man Projection


The Atlanta Falcons have some tough choices to make in the near future. We take a closer look at the projected final roster.

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Mason Crosby kicks it at his old high school


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

The Bigger, Badder 2013 Falcons


How recent signs point to philosophical changes in the Falcons strength and condition training - and why it matters.

MCM Radio: Recapping the Titans vs. the Falcons


It may have taken a lot longer than any of us would have liked, but the Tennessee Titans finally showed-up on the field last night. Starting at 9:00 CDT tonight, Danomite and I will cover all of...

Falcons vs Titans: highlights through my eyes


What I saw during the Titans game last night, and how I saw it.

Falcons vs. Titans Impressions


From Nate Butler, new to the Falcoholic team, some impressions from last night's preseason game against the Tennessee Titans.

Falcons' Starters vs. Titans' Starters


There's no way to sugarcoat it: the Falcons' starters definitely lost to the Titans' starters Saturday night.

Falcons 16-Titans 27: A Preseason Recap


A recap of an ugly preseason loss for the Atlanta Falcons.

Falcons-Titans First Half Open Thread


The third preseason game kicks off, and Falcoholics discuss it.

Your Falcon To Watch Tonight: Paul Worrilow


The linebacker has been a hit this preseason, but it's time for him to sew up a roster spot.

Falcons vs. Titans: TV Schedule, Replays And More!


How you can watch the Atlanta Falcons vs. Tennessee Titans preseason game.

5 Titans Questions with Music City Miracles!


We asked Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles five reader questions!

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