The NFL is not rigged, take off the tinfoil hat


There is a video floating around the Internet this week purporting to show how the 49ers-Seahawks game was rigged. My plan was to ignore it, but I've gotten numerous tweets about it, and now people...

Colin Kaepernick joins Bill Simmons on podcast


Colin Kaepernick sat down with Bill Simmons of Grantland in a very candid, lengthy interview during Super Bowl media week.


NN Podcast pre-post: Season recap + free agency

Tre, Jason and Jeff discuss the season that was for the 49ers in 2013 plus preview the 49ers own free agents as well as some the team might pursue.

Understanding Bevell by analyzing play-design

Start with the scripted plays.

All 22 Breakdown of the 49ers loss to the Seahawks


An in depth analysis using all 22 film of how the 49ers came up short in the quest to return to the Super Bowl

NFCCG: The plays that changed the game


The 49ers came up mere inches short of returning to the Super Bowl. We break down the gory, painful details from the NFC Championship's most pivotal plays.

Explosive Opponent Film Room: The 49ers

The Seahawks are going to Superbowl Ecks Ell Vee Eye Eye Eye. Before we look forward to the Broncos, let's look back at some of the explosive plays from the NFC Championship Game.

Chin up, Faithful; The 49ers Have Come a Long Way


If you're still wallowing in the misery of the NFC Championship game defeat, read on for some perspective on why you should hold your head high and be thankful that quality football is back in the...

Harbaugh talks Jeremy Lane sideline collision


49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh had a chance to discuss Seahawks gunner Jeremy Lane's sideline collision during Sunday's NFC Championship Game. We've got a GIF and a transcript of Harbaugh's thoughts...

The Seahawks' key 3rd quarter start vs. the 49ers

After a lackluster performance by the offense in the first two quarters, some might say that the Seahawks were lucky to only be down by seven at the half. There didn't seem to be a rhythm for R...

Matts: Gore to have finger surgery Wednesday


The 49ers injury list continues to grow with reports Frank Gore suffered a broken hand against the Seahawks. We break down the details.

Sherman-Crabtree beef supposedly dates to summer


We have some more information on why Richard Sherman was so mouthy about Michael Crabtree after the game. There is probably a whole lot more to this, so take it with a grain of salt.

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