Kevin Kolb

Buffalo Bills #4 - Quarterback

  • Born: 08/24/84
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 218

A New Day Dawned At QB For The Eagles


This feature is a weekly piece on titled From The Eagles, featuring Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro. The intention is to provide a perspective directly from the Philadelphia...

The Fog Of Concussions, Or Two Inches To The Right


bfd's personal experience with concussions, brain injuries, and his thoughts about the NFL and how it handles them.

Bills links: Monday's weekend round-up

On a weekend dominated by the NCAA tournament, Bills talk as moved to the back. But we found it.

Darrelle Revis trade: not the worst ever


It was bad. Just not historically bad.

Links: free agency first day round-up

The Buffalo Bills signed two players, released one, and are hosting two more in the first 24 hours of free agency. Recaps inside.

Free agency Day 2 open thread

Bills fans discuss the second day of NFL free agency, hoping against hope that it brings better news about their favorite football team.

Bills release Kolb after failed physical

Buffalo's decision to release Kolb will save them in the vicinity of $3.1 million against the 2014 salary cap.

Bills have more than $22 million in cap room

Hindered by more than $12 million in dead money and a huge cap number for Mario Williams, the Buffalo Bills still have more than $22 million in cap space with free agency set to begin today.

A second for Cousins? Pu-leaze.


The Washington Redskins have a solid backup quarterback that some project into a starter. For that to happen, a trade needs to happen and the Redskins want a two for him.

Bills QB overview: all in on Manuel

Will the Buffalo Bills look to complement EJ Manuel with a veteran backup this offseason, or are they content with their current crop of young guys?

DRC to retire?


Former Eagles and current Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie revealed to the media that he might retire if the Broncos win the Super Bowl.

Bills interviewing QB/WR coaches at Senior Bowl

Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone is at the Senior Bowl in Mobile this week, and not just to scout 2014 NFL Draft prospects - he's interviewing potential assistant coaches, as well.

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