Andrew Hawkins

Cincinnati Bengals #16 -

  • Born: 03/10/86
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 5-7
  • Weight: 180

James Urban takes blame for Mohamed Sanu struggles

Urban admits he put too much on the shoulders of Mohamed Sanu, and the Bengals are counting on he and Cobi Hamilton to do big things in 2014.

Hazard's Huddle: How Will J.Gruden use D-Jax?

An All-22 film look at where Jay Gruden might use a weapon like DeSean Jackson

Nate Burleson will visit the Cleveland Browns

If Burleson wee to sign with the Browns, it would not only boost their WR unit, but could also affect the top of the NFL Draft.

ST coach works with John Brown on punt returns

It's unknown if Cincinnati sent special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons or his assistant, Brayden Coombs. Yet, you have to figure that there's (at least) modest interest.

Did the Browns overpay for Andrew Hawkins?

Andrew Hawkins is officially a Brown after the Bengals opted not to match his offer sheet. Was the deal a coup for Cleveland or a move it'll come to regret?

Andrew Hawkins says goodbye to Bengals

Hawkins says goodbye to the Bengals after they decided not to match the Browns offer for him.

Hawkins officially joins the Cleveland Browns

Figure that with the departure of Hawkins, Cincinnati will apply Mohamed Sanu as the team's most likely slot receiver -- Sanu ran a team-leading 241 routes out of the slot -- posted 24 receptions on 40 targets for 219 yards receiving and a touchdown.

Bengals Confirm: Browns Will Get Andrew Hawkins

Everyone knew that Tuesday, March 18, would be the final day for the Bengals to decide, but how late into the day would they have -- 4:00 PM EST or midnight EST? The NFL clarified when the deadline is, though, and it is at midnight tonight.

Bengals Have Until Midnight To Match For Hawkins

The Andrew Hawkins saga will conclude at the strike of midnight, which is an extension off of a previously-reported 4PM EST deadline.

Cincinnati Bengals attend Pittsburgh State Pro Day

Wide receiver John Brown, linebacker Nate Dreiling and offensive tackle Cody Holland are the only players from Pitt State that are eligible for the 2014 NFL draft.

Consequences of losing Andrew Hawkins

Cleveland signed Hawkins to a four-year deal worth $13.6 million with $10.8 million dished out the first two years -- with projected cap values of $5.8 million in 2014.

Browns eye Julian Edelman after losing out on Hawk

The Browns weren't able to steal Andrew Hawksins from the Bengals, but they may snag Julian Edleman from the Patriots.

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