Jerome Bettis

Pittsburgh Steelers #0 - Running Back

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Throwback Thursday: Bowlen and the Steelers

Pat Bowlen enjoyed one of the finest runs as an owner in NFL (and sports) history. The Steelers played a significant role during that run.

'97 American Bowl: Slash, Bettis, and George Jones

Before the 1997 season even started, the Steelers hoisted up a trophy that few remember.

Vote: Second-biggest play in Steelers history

The Immaculate Reception can't be touched, and we're not going to try. Instead, we're going to look at three more contemporary examples and try to rank them. Your assistance is requested.

Re-living the Steelers '05 AFC Div win over Colts

Quite possibly one of the greatest NFL Playoff games ever played, the Steelers found themselves nearly cheated, then shocked out of a playoff win and potentially their 5th Lombardi trophy,

Jerome Bettis learns 'the game inside the game'

...or should that be "on the Bucs' Bus?" Steeler great Jerome Bettis was interviewed at Sunday's Pirates game, and had things to say about life, the world, and everything...

Running game shouldn't be main focus for Steelers

The Steelers want to get back to running the ball, but that doesn't mean they should ignore balance within their offense.

Sammy Watkins will make you smile

Some lucky NFL team is going to draft Sammy Watkins, and they'll be very pleased that they did. Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White explains why Watkins is likely to be the first receiver...

How Mendenhall should be remembered

Mixed results on an off the field painted Mendenhall's time in Pittsburgh.

Marino would have brought Lombardi Trophies home

Trade Mark Malone, Bubby Brister, and Neil O'Donnel for Dan Marino from 1983-1998. How many Super Bowls would the Steelers have today?

Bettis blames lack of leadership for Dolphins mess


Former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis says that Dolphins situation would not have occurred in Pittsburgh during his time in the Black and Gold.

Steelers trades: Bettis For Nothing deal with Rams

The Pittsburgh Steelers, for lack of a better term, ripped off the St. Louis Rams in a draft-day deal that sent Bettis to Pittsburgh for a mid-round pick and swapped second round picks. A...

The top Steelers rushing seasons

Pittsburgh has been spoiled with great individual rushing seasons, but which one tops the list?

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