Joey Porter

Arizona Cardinals #55 - Linebacker

  • Born: 03/22/77
  • Age: 37
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 248

Cowher never thought Joey Porter would be a coach

Bill Cowher knows Joey Porter extremely well, and although he admits he can bring something to the Pittsburgh Steelers, he never saw Porter as a potential coach.

Re-living the Steelers '05 AFC Div win over Colts

Quite possibly one of the greatest NFL Playoff games ever played, the Steelers found themselves nearly cheated, then shocked out of a playoff win and potentially their 5th Lombardi trophy,

Larry Foote says Porter has what 'it' takes

Steelers defensive assistant coach Joey Porter is just starting his coaching career, but a former teammate thinks he has what it takes to someday run the whole team.

Thomas misses California sun, winter jet-skiing

The Steelers signed swing defensive lineman Cam Thomas this offseason, not even a year since he was jet skiing outside San Diego during the winter. It's worth it, in his mind, to play for Steelers...


NFLPA may appeal Graham decision

The NFLPA sounds as if it's ready to appeal the decision that Jimmy Graham must be paid as a tight end in 2014. Meanwhile, Buffalo is trying to figure out its defense after the season-ending injury...

J-Peezy stalking sidelines, Jones

The Steelers have a long-standing reputation of veterans mentoring the younger players. In the case of ex-Steelers linebacker Joey Porter now coaching, he looks to continue adding to memorable legacy.

Jarvis Jones isn't making any assumptions in 2014

He is, however, looking much more comfortable and much more closely resembling the player fans expected out of the Steelers' 2013 first round pick.

Moats to wear No. 55 with Porter's approval


J-Peezy gives him the "not just anyone can wear that number," bit when Moats took his old number. Expectations for Moats aren't exactly set at Porter's production, but Moats will be a key member of...

Porter to teach Jarvis Jones how to be 'nasty'

J-Peezy made a brand name out of 'nasty' in his playing days with the Steelers. His assignment as a defensive assistant coach is to bring that out of second-year OLB Jarvis Jones.

J Peezy brings the intensity to Steelers

Former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter never had an issue getting himself and others fired up. He's doing the same thing now as a defensive assistant coach for the Steelers.

Shazier and Tuitt could be rare Week 1 starters

The Pittsburgh Steelers rarely have rookies start in Week 1 in Dick LeBeau's complex system. Why Ryan Shazier and Stephon Tuitt could buck that trend in 2014.

Ben quotes Porter saying Manziel wouldn't be ok


It's more of a funny comment, paraphrased from a conversation Porter had with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. It shows Porter still has that pride.

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