Tedy Bruschi

New England Patriots #54 - Linebacker

  • Born: 06/09/73
  • Age: 41
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 247

Brooks Reed Comments On Switching To ILB


If it worked with Tedy Bruschi, it can work with Brooks Reed...right? The former second round pick speaks to the media about potentially switching to inside linebacker in his last season under...

Peko on Bruschi: He needs to start watching games


Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko watched ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi claim that the Bengals won't win the division. Peko took exception.

Throwing Caution to the Wind


A lot has already been said about Belichick's historic choice to opt to take the wind over receiving the ball. I just feel the need to say a little more.

Brooks turns down Lewis/Bruschi offers


Ahmad Brooks has responded to the offers from Ray Lewis and Tedy Bruschi in regards to his fine for hitting Drew Brees.

Bruschi Elected To Patriots Hall Of Fame


The Patriots legend and former linebacker has been elected by the fans to the team's Hall of Fame, an honor he very much deserves.

On Kyle Love


The Patriots are at it again; yet another player tossed onto the trash heap.

Ryan Grigson wants a roster full of Purdue grads!


Seriously, look at that mascot! Those eyes... THOSE EYES! They're staring into my very SOUL!

An In-Depth Look At Matt Ryan's Success


An in-depth examination regarding the Atlanta Falcons by Danny Lanier Jr.

Media roundup: 'Patriot way' is dead (says media)


The "Patriot way" is dead with the addition of Aqib Talib, but honestly, it never really existed.

Thursday night debacle: A turning point?

The Bears have turned early season woes around after their bye weeks the last two seasons. There is no reason this year will be any different.

#54: Tedy Bruschi, Brian Waters, and Dont'a Hightower

The Patriots recently assigned the #54 jersey, worn by Brian Waters in 2011, to rookie LB Dont'a Hightower. Does this mean Waters' won't be returning to the Patriots this year?

Would You Choose The Hall of Fame or a Super Bowl Title?


We ask if you'd rather be a Hall of Famer with no Super Bowl ring, or have a Super Bowl ring but not be a Hall of Famer.

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