Brady Quinn

Miami Dolphins #7 - Quarterback

  • Born: 10/27/84
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 235
  • Seasons: 8

Talking "old school" quarterbacks!


It's been an amusing few days for older quarterbacks. Brady Quinn and Rex Grossman signed contracts, and 49ers fans want Jeff Garcia back!

Dolphins add QB Brady Quinn

The Miami Dolphins have signed quarterback Brady Quinn, according to a report.

McNabb joins the NFL on FOX broadcast booth


Do you believe Donovan McNabb joining the NFL on FOX broadcast team is a good idea? Yes or no?


Browns 'alarmed' by Manziel's partying

The team says Manziel's partying has hurt him on the field.

NFL Roundtable: Bridgewater vs Manziel


Teddy Bridgewater vs. Johnny Manziel: Which of the two will be the better NFL quarterback?


Brady Quinn has more advice for Manziel

If Johnny Manziel wants to be a success in Cleveland, perhaps he should heed the advice of someone who has actually made it (not really) in the big leagues: Brady Quinn.

Slurs, urine & other terrible NFL fan experiences

There's nothing quite like seeing an NFL game live at a stadium, especially if someone urinates on you. We collected some of our favorite worst fan experiences from an ongoing discussion at Reddit.

AFCN coach: Manziel to fall in same trap as Quinn

No mention of what trap that is, either having to eat some humble pie over being one of the last players at the draft to be selected, or being taken by the Cleveland Browns.

A tense night in Cleveland

Browns fans had to suffer just little more before they got their wish.

Can Manziel make it work in Cleveland?

For the third time since 2007, the Browns have used the 22nd pick in the draft on a quarterback. Now it's time for the electric Heisman Trophy winner to prove he's not another Brandon Weeden or...

2007 draft flashback


Let's flash back about seven years to the 2007 NFL Draft.

Brady Quinn was almost a Raven


The Ravens were hoping to take Brady Quinn in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft.

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