Lawrence Timmons

Pittsburgh Steelers #94 - Linebacker

  • Born: 05/14/86
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 234
  • Seasons: 8

Zumwalt in ice but not after moving around front 7

The Steelers are looking to put some pep in their pass rush this season. Perhaps moving Jarvis Jones around a bit, like they did Monday, would help that effort.

32 scenarios in 32 days: Spence plays 500 snaps

Caught in the celebration of seeing the new No. 51 on the field is the reason the Steelers drafted Sean Spence in the third round of the 2012 draft. If he's healthy, he may be a main contributor to...

Not much time left for Shazier, fair or unfair

Highly drafted rookies have the widest gap between realistic expectations and viable preparation to succeed. Steelers rookie LB Ryan Shazier will likely end up winning the starting position but he...

Run game rhetoric showing up again

Run the ball to keep defenses from taking away the Steelers' best weapon, Ben Roethlisberger. That philosophy is a bit more current and effective than the notion of just rushing 35 times a game.

NFL rankings have gone from bad to worse

It seems that everyone that has an opinion and a website is throwing out some sort of rankings these days, and it is becoming mind numbing to watch.

Larry Foote 'surprised' by his release

Foote admits in an interview the Steelers told his agent in the offseason, before releasing him, the Steelers struggled with lining up properly, particularly in the early games of the 2013 season.

32 scenarios in 32 days: Law Dog in on 1,000 snaps

Steelers' LB Lawrence Timmons takes two consecutive seasons with 1,000 or more snaps into 2014. Will he make it three in a row?

32 scenarios in 32 days: Steelers record 45 sacks

Unable to get to the quarterback consistently in 2013, the Steelers improve on that category in 2014 by sacking the quarterback 45 times.

Timmons embracing his role as a mentor

Entering his 8th season, Lawrence Timmons is the most experienced linebacker on the Steelers roster. After being tutored early in his career by some all-time great Steelers linebackers, it is now...

Steelers fans get their wish, no Hard Knocks

Why would fans want a high-quality documentary done in real time on their team? Because apparently the Steelers don't do things that way.

Shamarko will develop, just relax

The NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" organization, but fans need to realize that some players take time to develop.

Steelers linebackers could be 'contenders'

SB Nation puts the Steelers' linebackers positions collectively in the "Contenders" category of the best groups in the NFL.

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