LaMarr Woodley

Oakland Raiders #57 - Defensive End

  • Born: 11/03/84
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 265
  • Seasons: 8

Lamarr Woodley: In Pittsburgh they said I was fat


I've heard some pretty loose interpretations of the word "fat" before, but the version the Steelers apply to their outside linebackers, according to Lamarr Woodley, may take the cake (just don't...

Antonio Smith got that old school Raiders swagger


We haven't heard much from Antonio Smith since the day the Raiders signed him as a free agent back in March. That's mainly because before he could enter his first practice, he was injured. He...

Pro Football Talk: Raiders still worst team in NFL


The preseason power rankings have begun. Pro Football Talk began theirs Monday, beginning with number 32 in their power rankings. And it began in the exact same place it began last year -- Oakland. ...

Carter 'bothered' by talk of Harrison's return

The fourth-year outside linebacker has inside positioning on the team's top back-up at the position right now, so it's understandable why he may not want to hear about the return of the former...

Steelers positioned well Phase Two of Free Agency

Players with talent like cornerback Brandon Flowers get released by teams looking to save cash after the draft. The Steelers put themselves into position to reap the benefits of those players being...

Worilds back at practice

After missing most of OTA's due to a calf injury, the Steelers transition-tagged linebacker is back on the field.

Worilds contract shows division between two sides

It's a high-price game of chicken; the Steelers can offer him a reasonable market value and risk Worilds not being able to back up his performance over the second half of last year, or they can...

Do you agree w/ PFF rating of Raiders depth chart?


Pro Football Focus took aim at the Raiders' entire depth chart today to give their ratings of each player projected at each position. They color coded it to make it nice and easy to comprehend at a...

Raiders sign ex-Steelers WR David Gilreath

A former Preseason Hero in Pittsburgh, Gilreath couldn't lock down the punt returning duties on the Steelers in two attempts. He'll get another shot in Oakland. E

Sio Moore an eager pupil of vets, mentor to Mack


I have seen few players with the kind of go-getter attitude Raiders second year linebacker Sio Moore possesses. The former third round pick, after being selected, made the statement that he was the...

CWood's unique understanding of new vets plight


The theme of the Raiders newest veteran additions this off-season has been preached over and over. Most of them were given up on by their former team and have something to prove. The two names most...

Taking treasure left with the trash within NFL

If teams want to dump good players after getting a look at the rookies they just brought in, the Steelers should assume the Condor Position and swoop in. Saving cap space to do that is key.

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