Laurence Maroney

Denver Broncos #26 - Running Back

  • Born: 02/05/85
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 220

Cardinals Vs. Patriots: Looking At Stevan Ridley And Chandler Jones


In their Week 1 win two players jumped out, one on each side of the ball, which could be the beginning of the Patriots reshaping their image -- running back Stevan Ridley and defensive end Chandler...

EA Sports NCAA Football 13: Former Heisman Winners As A Golden Gopher, Who Would You Take?

Imagine Charles Woodson on the 2003 Golden Gophers. Rose Bowl? Yes. BCS Title game? Maybe. What former Heisman winner would you take as a Golden Gopher?

Should Chris Polian Really Be Running The Indianapolis Colts?


The Colts need to seriously re-evaluate whether or not Chris Polian is the right person to lead this franchise going forward.

The Jump to Conclusions Mat: Stevan Ridley


Weighing the pros and cons of Stevan Ridley's effectiveness as a legitimate NFL-caliber running back


Free Agent Running Backs For Sale!!!

It's been a while since my last FanPost guys, so take it easy on me... But something has been flying under the radar these past couple months that has really caught my interest. There are two...

Media Roundup: On The Patriots' Draft, And Michael Felger's Constant Criticism Of It


It's popular sports talk radio fodder in Boston to say that the New England Patriots' NFL Drat record is "spotty." But how is Bill Belichick's overall record when actually taking players? Let's dig...

2011 NFL Draft Order: Denver Broncos


The 2011 NFL Draft is just around the corner. To gear up for it, here's the list of draft picks that are possessed by the Broncos and a few thoughts explaining why trading out of the 2nd overall...

Falcons Probably Won't Trade 27th Pick


Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff has suggested that it would take a strong deal from another team to warrant trading pick #27. However, with his track record of first round picks with the Patriots, is...

Defining Success in College Sports Isn't Ever Easy - Or Is It?


Joel Maturi is a polarizing figure. He has some accomplishments, and some headline making failures. Which are more important in today's world?

Patriots Coffee Talk 2/22: Is BenJarvus Green-Ellis the Running Back of the Future?


Pats Coffee Talk: Is BenJarvus Green-Ellis the Patriots running back of the future?

Bengals Banter: Former Bengals Fan Turned Steelers Fan For $510


If you've followed these pages, you're undoubtedly been prompted by deep personal questions such as: is 42 really the meaning of life, how can something so small like Hamburger Helper bring so...

Laurence Maroney's Mugshot Is A Work Of Art


Broncos running back Laurence Maroney was arrested Monday night on drug and weapons charges. This is his mugshot:↵↵He has turned his hair into an afghan. Amazing.

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