Marcel Shipp

Houston Texans #33 - Running Back

  • Born: 08/08/78
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 224

5/3 Bird Droppings: D-Wash sought; M. Shipp back


D-Wash sought for questioning; Marcel Shipp back as a coach intern; Ellington called a steal; and a discussion about how good the changes to the team really are.

Marcel Shipp About To Become A Texan?


You'll never believe this, but it looks like Ahman Green's inconsequential injury from the first preseason game seems to be lingering a bit. I for one am shocked. Because if there's one thing we...

Arizona Cardinals Look Back at Marcel Shipp's Time in the Desert


I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't a big Marcel Shipp fan, especially the past couple of years, but his contributions to the Arizona Cardinals can't be denied. He was undrafted out of the...

Is Cedric Benson Untouchable, Even for the Cardinals?


First off, I know the reasons that I shouldn't even bring up this kids' name in connection with the Cardinals, but by now we all the that the Bears cut /released Cedric Benson. He's obviously got...

Arizona Cardinals Sign Tim Hightower


Tim Hightower, the Cardinals 5th round pick, was the first pick to sign yesterday. He agreed to a 3 year deal but financial terms weren't disclosed. Hightower's in a competition with Shipp and...

The Legend of Tim Hightower Continues to Grow


Normally fifth round picks enter the league in relative anonymity  but that's not the case the Tim Hightower. The Cardinals selected Hightower at least a round earlier than anyone else had him...

Cardinals' Offense: Improved or In Trouble in 2008?


Now that we've looked at how the offensive depth chart breaks down for the Cardinals in 2008, I started wondering will the Cardinals offense be better or worse in 2008? The offense was a clear cut...

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