Andre Davis

Houston Texans #11 - Wide Receiver

  • Born: 06/12/79
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 195

NFL Draft 2012: More Wide Receiver Arguments


Rivers counters that Houston needs Andre Johnson's replacement, not a West Coast guy who would only help in the short-term. His suggestion is that Houston needs a deep threat more than they need a...

Owen Daniels Escapes Franchise Tag Deadline Untagged; Will He Escape Houston?


Owen Daniels will likely hit free agency this offseason, if there is a free agency. What would you pay him if you were Garick Smithiak?

Trindon Holliday: What To Do?


Trindon Holliday...oh, how we wanted this to work out. What now?

Andre Johnson Hires New Agent


Andre Johnson hires an agent to represent him in his efforts to get new money from the Texans. No more family advice.

Gettin' All Mocky In This Ish


Gettin' All Mocky in this Ish - bfd takes a stab at a Mock Draft. Many casualties.

Apostrophe Davis To Miss Three Games?


Texans WR/KR Andre' Davis to miss the next three (3) games.

Jacoby Jones Brings Home Some Hardware


For the first time this season, a Houston Texan won the conference award for oustanding play on offense, defense, and/or special teams. It happened several times last year, so let's hope that...

Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game


Quick recap of the Texans' 2008 season so far, in chronological order: Week One = Asskicking. Week Two = Hurricane. Week Three = Embarrassment. Week Four = Overtime Heartbreaker. Week Five =...

Rick Smith: Behind the Contract


Image details: Houston Texans 2007 Headshots served by Tuesday morning brought the news of Rick Smith’s well deserved contract extension. Anyone who follows the Texans can attest...

I Like Pancakes, And Pancakes Likes Us


  Gregg Rosenthal at Rotoworld's Pancake Blocks has been showing the Texans some love.  He thinks the team is going to blow up this season. After the jump, check out what he has to say.  Be...

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