Gavin Escobar

Dallas Cowboys #89 - Tight End

  • Born: 02/03/91
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 255
  • Seasons: 2

Friel headed to Dallas Cowboys Mini-Camp

Kaneakua Friel is headed to Dallas Cowboys to take part in the Cowboys' rookie mini-camp.

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Donte Whitner & Ted Ginn Jr. go back to Cleveland


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

Tony Romo tosses three TDs on Rams

Tony Romo led Dallas to a 31-7 victory over St. Louis on Sunday. We take a look at the fantasy implications.

Better Season 2013: James Hanna Or Gavin Escobar?


The Cowboys have drafted tight ends in the last two drafts. Even though neither will be a starter, they have a chance to make significant contributions. So which one will grab the spotlight?

How Should The Cowboys Get Back To 90?


Now that Dallas has released a player, who or what position should they go after to take his place?

Cowboys Sign Safety J.J. Wilcox


Dallas now has only two draft picks left to sign before the start of training camp.

News: Minicamp, Free Agents, 12 Personnel, More


Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: the three-day mandatory minicamp kicks off today, the Cowboys still have $9.7 million in cap space available, the 12 personnel was not invented by the Patriots.


Gavin Escobar is learning the Cowboys offense

Gavin Escobar is busy preparing for his rookie year. While at the 2013 NFL Rookie Premiere, Escobar sat down with Dan Rubenstein to field questions about learning the Cowboys offense, his celebrity...

On The Chalkboard: Cover 3 Beaters- Y-Sail


As we prepare for the 2013 NFL Season, let's go back to the Chalkboard to look at a popular route combination used to attack Cover 3, a coverage we will see very regularly from the Dallas Cowboys...

Contract Status For Dallas Cowboys Draft Picks


Keeping track of the Dallas Cowboys draft picks and the status of their contracts.

Offseason Headscratcher: Who Makes The Leap?


Our offseason headscratcher series kicks off with a look at young Cowboys players who might be poised to take a significant leap forward in 2013.

Cowboys Rookie Minicamp Day 1 News


The Cowboys staff got their first look at the rookies and select first year players that hope to wear the Star this year.

Gavin Escobar: Third Time Is A Charm?


In 2013, the Cowboys spent a second round pick on a tight end for the third time in eight drafts - a move decried by pundits as wasteful. A quick look at the Patriots recent drafts shows that teams...

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