Erik Cole

Seattle Seahawks #18 -

  • Born: 03/19/80
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 205

Your Tuesday Open Thread

Once again, come in and hang out with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans. It's your daily open thread!

Possible App To Allow Real-Time Audio of Players on Field?

We discuss the potential of listening to raw player audio and if it has a place in the fan consumption of the game.

Brandon Underwood Pleads Not Guilty

Green Bay Packers CB Brandon Underwood pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges.

Top 10 Draft "Busts" in Seattle Seahawks History: #3 - Koren Robinson

WIth the 9th overall pick in the 2001 draft, the Seattle Seahawks selected WR Koren Robinson. Robinson had broken all kinds of records while at North Carolina State and was expected to become the...

Where We Discuss How Many Packs Of Smokes A Super Bowl Ring Is Worth

Current Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly is kind of an idiot. But you knew that already. He just felt compelled to prove it on Friday.

2008 Season Retrospective: Seneca Wallace

Seneca Wallace is a great backup quarterback and nothing more.

Keeping Up With Koren Robinson

WR Koren Robinson was the weak link among Packers receivers last season. He wasn't awful, but he was below average among a group of receivers that were all above. He also failed to deliver big...


He's back baby! He's back!

Koren Robinson!  Back by popular demand! Love him or hate him, he is a talent that is needed in a very desperate time. Our kick and punt return problem will be solved at least. Who knows? He...

Free Agency -- Any Finishing Touches?

As OTAs start wrapping up soon, minicamp and River Falls on the way, we know now that 95% of the Day One roster is buried in the masses of 90-plus bodies that have shown up to OTAs in record...

Morning Update (Unlucky Edition)

chiefsfan1384 mentioned recently cut WR Koren Robinson on Friday and it turns out all is not well in the Robinson family -- Koren Cut, Brother Jailed. Major congratulations are in store for W...

Dallas Cowboys Saturday afternoon roundup

The Dead Zone. We don’t have another OTA until May 20th. Pacman and his team have gone underground and haven’t uttered a peep. Greg Ellis spiced things up briefly but even that has been...

The Difference Between Jared Allen and Koren Robinson

As was pointed out by FSUViking over in the fanposts, Koren Robinson (aka K-Drunk, aka Tipsy McStagger, aka Drunky McDrunkerton) was cut by the Green Bay Packers yesterday.  In Packer terminology,...

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