Alex Smith

Kansas City Chiefs #11 - Quarterback

  • Born: 05/07/84
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 217

Alex Smith's favorite TV shows


We have some important news, Kansas City Chiefs fans. Alex Smith has revealed some of his favorite TV shows.

Good, bad and ugly of Flowers release


Wrapping up the Chiefs release of Brandon Flowers with the good, bad and ugly.

D-Bowe says Alex is like a brother-in-law


Highlights of Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe speaking to the media on Thursday.

Predicting victory in the NFL


With no national or local attention, here's a look at the value of the time of possession statistic, and a theoretical discussion of the ramifications.

Will Svitek and Victor Hampton sign with Bengals


The Cincinnati Bengals have signed cornerback Victor Hampton, an undrafted free agent out of South Carolina, as well as free agent offensive tackle Will Svitek.


Video: Aaron Murray talks about life as a pro

Good quote from Aaron Murray, who spoke with SB Nation at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere a couple weeks ago, when asked how his conversations have been with this new Kansas City Chiefs teammates.

Watch Alex throw out the first pitch


KC Chiefs QB Alex Smith threw out the first pitch on Friday. It was better than the last time we saw him throwing out a first pitch.

Kap speaks with the media [transcript]


49ers QB Colin Kaepernick spoke with the media following his 6-year contract extension. We've got a transcript of his session.

Would you pay Alex Smith this contract?

With Colin Kaepernick getting paid, let's look at what Chiefs fans think the team should pay Alex Smith.

Alex says Andy is always buying cheeseburgers


Some quotes are made for blogs. This about about cheeseburgers is one of them.

The Chiefs best HC-QB combo since ... ?


Alex Smith and Andy Reid are the best head coach-quarterback combo since ... ?

Alex Smith contract situation remains on our radar


The Alex Smith contract situation could potentially have some influence on Colin Kaepernick's own contract negotiations. Of course, we don't quite know what exactly is what with Smith's negotiations, so who really knows!

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