Marcus Tubbs

Seattle Seahawks #90 - Defensive Tackle

  • Born: 05/16/81
  • Age: 33
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 318

Percy Harvin's hip injury & surgical recovery time

A professional look at the medical problems affecting Percy Harvin, his treatment options, and possible recovery times.

Seahawks Versus Seahawks: A Comparison of Greats


When I thought hard about topics to dig into Seahawks history this one has been around since I started. It's a common topic, "Who would win if or who was better." However, my spin on this topic is...

With the 6th Pick in the 2010 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select...


See who the Seahawks chose in the Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft...

Danny O'Neil Compares Deion Branch to Erik Bedard


Danny O'Neil compares Branch to Bedard: I hate raking a fellow writer over the coals, but O'Neil earned this.


Engram hurt, Tubbs cut

Apparently Engram cracked a bone in his shoulder, he's out 6-8 weeks (which would be, what, between the first Rams game and the Giants game?).   Danny O'Neil's blog post has more on it.  O...

Seahawks Training Camp Report: 7/25


Update: I wanted to point out some really good work being done by Eric Williams over at Seahawks Insider. It's good to see that blog with a pulse again. I think a healthy Seahawks Insider is good...

How To Know Marcus Tubbs Is Healthy


With a healthy Marcus Tubbs, Seattle has probably the best overall defensive talent in the NFL. Without, they should be top ten, maybe top five. He's that good. So, his health is a paramount...

Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft (32)


With the 32nd overall pick in the first ever Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, the (19)76ers select... Marcus Tubbs, Texas via JAMD With this selection, the (19)76ers...

Seahawks News Omnibus: With Cursing!


Here’s your daily Seahawks whatever, and if that sounds half-hearted you can blame a lifetime of bacon dinners. Plackemeier Suffers a Torn Pectoral: And that about sums it up. Torn Pectorals suck,...

On Marcus Tubbs


I thought it worthwhile to post a brief compendium of Tubbs' injuries. It’s that time of year when speculation is rampant, so instead of discussing Tubbs’ size or his lonely days in the weight...

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