Fred Taylor

New England Patriots #21 - Running Back

  • Born: 01/27/76
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 228

MJD's legacy of misfortune


After eight seasons, three Pro Bowls, more than 80 touchdowns and 13,000 all-purpose yards, Jones-Drew's career with the Jaguars didn't amount to many wins.

Gerhart has big shoes to fill


The Jaguars have had Maurice Jones-Drew and/or Fred Taylor in their backfield for every season since 1997.

Gore part of lawsuit to recoup scam losses


Frank Gore was among a group of players who lost significant money in a scam. We take a look at what went down.

What Sparano's career portends for run game Pt. 1


Tony Sparano has had a long and distinguished NFL coaching career. What does his past tell us about his future with the Raiders?

Redefining the Jaguars


Think about your favorite plays in Jaguars history. Did you list any pass plays? For too long, the Jaguars have been defined as a boring team a great running backs. With Cecil Shorts III developing...

Greg Jones to Texans


Greg Jones received only 270 rushing attempts in nine seasons with the Jaguars, primarily serving as the lead blocker for Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.

Greg Jones could be back

The Jacksonville Jaguars could bring back some of their veterans set for free agency, including fullback Greg Jones.

Kennedy Polamalu an intriguing WRs coach option

A team looking to re-establish its running game could be benefited by a wide receivers coach with a running backs background. The connection Kennedy Polamalu has to the Steelers is obvious, but his...

MJD sits Thursday, unlikely in Week 16

Without participation in Thursday's practice, Jones-Drew is unlikely to make his return from injury against the Patriots.

Why I Can't Miss a Jaguars Game


Things aren't looking good for the Jaguars at 1 - 7. Some fans are losing hope and aren't going to the games. Not me. I’ll never miss another Jaguars game, no matter the record.

Richardson strong in loss to Ravens

Trent Richardson had a strong day in a loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

Fred's big day, soiled on the field.


The Jacksonville Jaguars honored Fred Taylor by adding him to the Pride of the Jaguars on Sunday, but they honored no one with their play on the field.

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