Dougie Hamilton

Cincinnati Bengals #83 - Wide Receiver

  • Born: 02/12/79
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 5-8
  • Weight: 185

Reedy: Jerome Simpson Continues Doing All Of The Right Things


Around March of last year, guys like Andre Caldwell, Antonio Chatman and Jerome Simpson worked out with Palmer. At the time, Simpson said: “I learned a lot from T.J.,” Simpson said. “I learned...

Sacramento Mountain Lions Deserve Updates: Antonio Chatman and Chris Perry With UFL Team


Sometimes it's good to see old friends. You know, when you drop by an adult drinking establishment to talk about the Bengals -- because that's all you think about, right? -- and someone pats you on...

Carson Palmer will return when Bengals "begin practice again"


Geoff Hobson reported that Marvin Lewis thinks Carson Palmer should be good to go the next time the Bengals practice. Hobson indicated that he wasn't sure if Lewis meant "Wednesday's walkthrough or...

Fantasy Football Update; Antonio Chatman hurt, has his Bengals career ended?


First things first; updates and reminders you should know. The premiere of Hard Knocks debuts Wednesday night at 10 PM on HBO. Excited? Nervous? Anxious? I'm really looking forward to...

Bengals Training Camp: Projecting three veteran players that miss the cut


Each year, we examine the team's roster heading into training camp and predict which veteran players will miss the cut. Much of the reasoning is cost -- aka, salary cap casualties. Levi Jones...

Did the Bengals fail Jerome Simpson?


Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis made a stunning admission in his pre-draft news conference this week. Wide receiver Jerome Simpson didn’t fail as a rookie in 2008 when he had one...

Carson Palmer is zippin', and young receivers are progressin'


Antonio Chatman, Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell were in the Los Angeles area at the Charles Collins receiver camp, where Carson Palmer "zipped through about 60 passes at a workout near his...

Long term deal between Bengals and T.J. Houshmandzadeh is unlikely (I'm super-cereal)


We honestly believe that T.J. Houshmandzadeh is as anxious as Chad Johnson to get out of Cincinnati. Unlike Chad Johnson, Houshmandzadeh is a bit coy about it. When asked about not going to the Pro...

Week Three Answers: Cincinnati Bengals 23 New York Giants 26


Q: Will this be the first time we see the vaunted Bengals' passing game? A: Thankfully, yes.  However, I know of one fantasy team that sat Palmer in favor of Jake Delhomme.  Palmer completed 27 or...

Wednesday links and notes

+ will be taking a look at each position until mandatory camp next week. Hobson claims that Antonio Chatman "would look to have the edge to be the #3 receiver". There's actually a site...

Monday Morning Links and Notes


If you have the NFL Network -- and going by subscription rates for the Network, you probably don't -- then tune in on June 9 for "The Freezer Bowl". There is no offseason thinks weird things are...

Bengals cut Doug Gabriel -- is Chatman next?


The Bengals were confident enough to release Doug Gabriel Thursday afternoon. With Gabriel cut, the Bengals have rising optimism with Marcus Maxwell and continued satisfaction with Glenn Holt....

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