Reggie Kelly

Atlanta Falcons #89 - Tight End

  • Born: 02/22/77
  • Age: 37
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 257

Best Bengals TE since Super Bowl XXIII


Continuing our series of building the best lineup since the Bengals Super Bowl XXIII game.

Chris Pressley could miss training camp


Cincinnati Bengals full back Chris Pressley is still rehabilitating from last year's season-ending knee injury.

Current state of NFL FBs gives Charles opportunity


The Cincinnati Bengals have utilized a tight end as an H-Back since Reggie Kelly. Is that tradition continuing as the league slowly shifts to that philosophy?

2012 NFL Combine Results: O-Linemen, Tight Ends Have Size The Falcons Need


Two major needs the Falcons have this offseason are offensive linemen and tight end. Does the draft hold a potential solution, giving all the talent at this year's combine?

Bengals Banter: The Stories That You May Have Missed


A recap of the stories missed over the past week.

Saturday Six Pack: Division Lead Edition


Shameless plug here. I'm hosting my friend's sports talk show at my school's radio station tomorrow from 11 am to 2 pm. If you'd like to hear me talk about various sports and issues in sports at...

A Chipper Review of Falcons/TealCats: Not Quite A Recap


As some of you know, I spent some more time with my girlfriend this weekend. Before you object, men, in the past two months I've seen her maybe.....chunks out of 5 or 6 days, total. The Falcons...

On Bengals Tight End Donald Lee: Is He A Blocker Or Receiver


+ The Cincinnati Bengals signed tight end Donald Lee on Wednesday, releasing defensive back Rico Murray (again) during the process to make room on the 53-man roster. It's unknown what role Lee will...

Roster Lock Prediction #36: Bengals Fullback Chris Pressley


It was actually coincidence that Chris Pressley was our 36th roster lock for the 2011 roster; which is the same number as his uniform. But really it was a forgone conclusion that we eventually...

Chris Pressley Ranks As The League's 19th Best Fullback


Curiously wondering an inevitable statement is like saying I wonder what happens when the sun dips beyond the horizon. Well, it gets dark grasshopper. After much thought, calculations and a bunsen...

Falcons Vs Steelers Preview: What To Watch For


Who should you look for in the Falcons' third preseason game, tonight against the Steelers? Let me tell you.

Falcons Vs. Steelers: Ray Edwards Expected To Make Atlanta Debut


The Falcons enter their next-to-last tuneup of the year Saturday night in Pittsburgh.

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