Deltha ONeal

Houston Texans #47 - Cornerback

  • Born: 01/30/77
  • Age: 37
  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 194

Marathon at Memorial, November 2, 1996: Cal 56, Arizona 55 (4 OT)

One Cal fan remembers the epic 4 overtime game at Memorial in 1996, when Steve Mariucci's California Golden Bears edged the Arizona Wildcats 56-55.

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Donte Whitner & Ted Ginn Jr. go back to Cleveland


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

CGB HoF Sweet Sixteen: Jack Clark vs Deltha O'Neal


Who's entering the CGB Hall of Fame, Jack Clark or Deltha O'Neal? Vote for your favorite Cal athlete!


Texans Bring In Veteran CBs Deltha O'Neal & Jason Webster

Texans Bring In Veteran CBs Deltha O'Neal and Jason Webster for tryouts in the wake of Jacques Reeves' injury.

HoF Round of 32: Deltha O'Neal vs Nnamdi Asomugha


Who deserves to be in the inaugural California Golden Blogs Hall of Fame class more, Deltha O'Neal or Nnamdi Asomugha? Take a look at their profiles and vote for the athlete you believe should move...

Hall of Fame Round of 64: Brick Muller Bracket, Part IV


Nnamdi Asomugha or Craig Stevens? Deltha O'Neal or Thomas Decoud? Vote for your favorite California Golden Bears to get them one step closer to the 2009 CGB Hall of Fame!

Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Performance


Well no kidding. The classic broker's warning (PP is NG of FP) works on two scales:  We were great last year, but that's no guarantee of greatness today.  On the other hand, our poor play so far...

Patriots' Starting Lineup and Injury Report


One thing to note about today's injury report is Wes Welker down as "Limited Participation in Practice" with a groin injury.  AARRGGHH!!  The sky is falling!  This is the same injury that kept him...

Thursday afternoon Links and Notes II -- Peckerwood, that is all


Willie Anderson's agent is awaiting a contract proposal from the Chargers. However, this blog says that the awesomest former Bengals right tackle will be visiting Tampa Bay Thursday. Sorry mate,...

Armchair Head Coach - move over, Bill


With eagle-eyed precision, I stare at my hi-def television and analyze every move on this 2 dimensional window into my sporting world.  Nary a play, block or route goes by that I don't...

Patriots Sign Former Bronco Deltha O'Neal


A few days after figuring out what we already knew - that John Lynch is no longer a factor on the field - the Patriots signed another former Broncos defensive back with limited skills -- The New...

New England Patriots sign Deltha O'Neal


The New England Patriots team website reports that the Patriots have signed former Bengals cornerback, Deltha O'Neal on Monday. Terms were not disclosed. O'Neal was a disappointing tale. After...

Jason Shirley, T.J., Levi, Deltha and Kenny Irons (what?) are on the field


Hobson writes that Jason Shirley is on the field while his pending court appearances in Fresno continue Friday -- though we're not sure if he's required to be there to determine if they can...

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