Chris Perry

Cincinnati Bengals #23 - Running Back

  • Born: 12/27/81
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 224

Top-Ten Draft Busts in Cincinnati Bengals History


We've examined the best draft picks in Bengals history. Now we take a look at a couple of busts.

NFL ranking of overrated Bengals players is wrong


Have to hand it to for composing a list of overrated and underrated players during one of the quietest periods of the offseason. They just didn't get it right.

EA Sports NCAA Football 13: Former Heisman Winners As A Golden Gopher, Who Would You Take?

Imagine Charles Woodson on the 2003 Golden Gophers. Rose Bowl? Yes. BCS Title game? Maybe. What former Heisman winner would you take as a Golden Gopher?

Rebuilding The Offensive Line Will Translate Into A Productive Rushing Offense


With the team's focus to rebuild the offensive line, it should translate into a more efficient rushing offense.

NFL Insider Believes The Cincinnati Bengals Will Make A Run For Running Back Michael Bush


The Cincinnati Bengals have a need to rebuild their running back position. One source for an ESPN Radio station in Denver said that he believes that the Bengals will make a run on Michael Bush.

Bengals Offensive Tackle Andre Smith In The "320-Pound Range"


Andre Smith was once the victim of many jokes regarding his weight. Now most of that is lost and he's quietly becoming a professional.

Marvin Lewis Shows His Respect for Steven Jackson and Talks About the 2004 Draft


The Bengals missed an opportunity to select Steven Jackson in the 2004 draft. Now they face him on Sunday and must stop him to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Cedric Benson Is One Of The Least Elusive Running Backs In The NFL


This might be obvious in pointing out, but Cedric Benson isn't a very elusive running back. I can remember several plays where Benson simply doesn't force defensive players to miss, and all too...

Poll: Best Bengals Player To Wear No. 23 All-Time


  Now that we have our first twenty numbers of the best Bengals players in the books, we can move on with numbers 21-30. Bernard Jackson played for the Cincinnati Bengals for five seasons between...

Bengals Draft Bust #6: Chris Perry


Cincy Jungle's own Paul Cannon wrote extensively about a series of trades that took place in 2004. Originally with the 17th overall selection, before the draft the Bengals traded their first round...

Flashback 2004: Trading Down Isn't a Golden Ticket


Flashback 2004 - Trading Down Isn't a Golden Ticket

Marvin Lewis Returns: Press Conference Reaction


Marvin Lewis Returns: Press Conference Reaction

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