Braylon Edwards

Seattle Seahawks #17 - Wide Receiver

  • Born: 02/21/83
  • Age: 31
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 214

PFF Looks Back at the Browns' 2007 Pro Bowlers


If you recall, 2007 was the season in which WR Braylon Edwards and WR Joshua Cribbs both made the Pro Bowl by votes. (Derek Anderson, Kellen Winslow, and Joe Thomas made the Pro Bowl as alternates).


NFL news roundup

NFL teams began cutting their rosters down to 75, but there was more news than just roster transactions.


Braylon Edwards released

Braylon Edwards has been released by the Jets. If he signs somewhere this season, he will be wearing his fourth different uniform in three years.

Massaquoi Forms a Trio of Browns With Jets


In 2013, the New York Jets and the San Francisco 49ers are the teams claiming their stake of former Cleveland Browns. The Jets signed WR Mohamed Massaquoi, while the 49ers signed QB Seneca Wallace.


Bucs dealing with staph outbreak

Infections to Carl Nicks and Lawrence Tynes have been confirmed, and team officials are working to stop the bacteria's spread.

Braylon Edwards Is An Average Red Zone Threat


Braylon Edwards' past doesn't leave much hope for the future.

Geno Smith Struggles, Throws First Interceptions


Everyone is quick to point to Sanchez's mistakes, well we don't play favorites here at GGN when it concerns the New York Jets.

Battle Red Newswire: Football Is Upon Us


Training camp begins tomorrow, Jerruh talks NFL in Los Angeles, Eric Winston close to finding a new home, and much more in this edition of the newswire.


Edwards takes physical for Jets

The Jets brought back Edwards at the end of last season, and it appears they will bring him back again to start training camp.

Close Encounters of a New York Jet Kind


When have you met a member of the New York Jets?

The Case For Mark Sanchez At QB


Why the New York Jets should roll with Mark Sanchez as their starting QB this season.

The Case Against Braylon Edwards


Every week someone argues that the New York Jets should re-sign Braylon Edwards. I'm here to bury this once and for all.

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