Brian Russell

Houston Texans #42 - Safety

  • Born: 02/05/78
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 210

Seahawks in re-build (Part One): Learning lessons from visions of the past


The Seahawks are in re-build, something that Pete Carroll and John Schneider have embraced during the last 18 months. What are they doing differently and how do they turn their vision into results?

Final Training Camp Questions


Seahawks training camp starts soon, and my training camp reports will run from July 31 to August 6.

Jack Del Rio's Defense?


With Jack Del Rio's job on the line, he'll be running the Jacksonville Jaguars defense.

A Defensive Stat Worth a Damn? Introducing Brian Burke's WPA+


There is likely to be a strong correlation between a defender's visible positive impact and his overall net impact. In other words, we should expect better defenders to tend to have both more...

Assessing Need: Safety


Safety Starter: Starter: Potential Starter: Jordan Babineaux Age: Turns 28 August 31. Health: Excellent. Contract: Three years remaining. Performance: Some good; a lot of bad. Depth: J...

Barber Headed To IR With Hamstring Injury


Dominique Barber done for the season.

Dominique Barber Returns To Starting Lineup


Dominique Barber, not John Busing, will cause Texans fans to question the existence of a benevolent Creator on Sunday.

BREAKING NEWS: Texans Sign Brian Russell


Texans sign Brian Russell. May God have mercy upon our soul.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Final Game Preview


The Jacksonville Jaguars face the Kansas City Chiefs in a very important game for teams who are looking to avoid picking high in next years draft.

Marcus Trufant to be Activated from PUP list


Marcus Trufant, Seattle's best defensive back and man cover corner, fundamentally changes its secondary.

Comcast Pays SBN, Me


BN has signed a contract with Comcast. If this were a magazine, this post would have "special advertising section" printed above it and run without attribution. Journalists do not want to discredit...

Seattle Leads NFC West in VOA and DAVE


The Seahawks rank 13th overall, 12th in DAVE, 22nd on offense and 9th on defense. First in the NFC West.

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