Ben Hartsock

New England Patriots #88 - Tight End

  • Born: 07/05/80
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 265
  • Seasons: 11

Buckeyes in the NFL preview, Part I: The offense


From highly-touted draft picks to UDFAs, there are a lot of former Buckeyes suiting up in the NFL this fall. In the first of a two-part series, we take a look at the offensive players.

New England Patriots Links 5/22/14


Daily News and Links for 5/22/14

2014 Offseason Position Preview: Tight End

Examining the tight end position for the 2014 San Diego Chargers, including possible offseason moves.

Today's Announcer Talking Points


Did you know Riverboat Ron has deep ties with the Ryan family?

Why the Panthers' run game struggled


The Panthers rushing attack took a step back in 2012. Why was this?

What day one of free agency meant to the Panthers


The Carolina Panthers didn't make any big moves, but several happened around the league that will impact their future.

Reviewing the Carolina Panthers


We take a look at some needs of and review the season of the Carolina Panthers.

Tight End: 2012 Position Review


Greg Olsen headlined a unit with a lot to prove in 2012. Turning in a career season, there's a lot to look forward next season.

Keeping up, Week 15: Injury bug bites; Beanie back


Unfortunately, many former Buckeyes have been bitten this year by the injury bug, and it hasn't gotten any better. With all the attrition, who had a good game, and which former Buckeyes are even...

From the Film Room: Focusing on the FB


This weeks edition of From the Film room focuses on FB Mike Tolbert and how the Panthers were able to use him successfully last week.

Panthers Film Review: Walking Back My Criticism


If you were there for the open game thread and read my comments during and since the game ended you know I've been critical of Cam Newton's performance. I think everyone has, included Newton...

Richie Brockel, Panthers Roster Curiosity


If you kept kept as many TEs as CBs while penciling in mock depth charts last week prior to the cut to 53, congratulations, you're a smarter person than I. One of the decisions that came furthest...

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