Jake Plummer

Tampa Bay Buccaneers #16 - Quarterback

  • Born: 12/19/74
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 212

Throwback Thursday: Bowlen and the Steelers

Pat Bowlen enjoyed one of the finest runs as an owner in NFL (and sports) history. The Steelers played a significant role during that run.

ASU Football: 'All-Sun Devils first team' WR


We named three men as our best wide receivers in the history of Arizona State

Horse Tracks: Are You Getting Mock Draft Fatigue?


I have gotten several groans over how many mock drafts out there. So much so, that it is sapping people's souls. What should have been two weeks of post-draft analysis has now turned into a mock...

Rod Smith: We were excited to play Steelers in '05

Broncos legend Rod Smith remembers how excited the Broncos were to face the sixth-seeded Steelers in the 2005 AFC title game. Excited, that is, until the Steelers steamrolled them in the first...

5 Questions with Hogs Haven


Five hard-hitting questions with a Washington Redskins blogger who may or may not have wept while responding.

Rodney Harrison: "We'd have won 3 rings w/Peyton"


Every time the Manning vs. Brady debate comes up, Brady supporters seemingly end every conversation with "yeah but...three rings to one." (To which I usually retort "Terry Bradshaw won four and...

NFL Week 9 Game Capsule: Texans v. Colts


A look inside the history and numbers of Texans-Colts as the teams prepare for their Sunday Night Football showdown at Reliant Stadium.

Countdown to Kickoff: 16th Most Important Bronco


The Mile High Report staff each ranked their top 20 most important players on the Denver Broncos roster. We averaged the rankings and compiled them into a final list that best represented the...

Are you ready for some football? MNF history

What happened for the Broncos on Monday Night Football from 1990-2012. Come with me and you'll see!

Trestman has history with terrible offensive lines


Marc Trestman was hired by the Bears to fix the offense and win games. He's seen his fair share of injured QBs and bad O-lines, and seems to have found an answer.

Bears Coaching Candidate Profile: Marc Trestman


Marc Trestman has had success at the college, NFL and CFL level. Could he be the man for the Chicago Bears?

Trestman could be a good candidate for Bears


The current head coach of the CFL's Montreal Alouettes might be worth a look from the Chicago Bears.

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