Kyle Orton

Dallas Cowboys #18 - Quarterback

  • Born: 11/14/82
  • Age: 31
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 225
  • Seasons: 10

Should Giants be interested in QB Kyle Orton?


Backup quarterback is a question mark for the Giants right now. Should the Giants try to solve it by signing Kyle Orton?

The Chicago Bears should bring back Kyle Orton


After six seasons spent elsewhere it's time for a Kyle Orton-Chicago Bears reunion. He should finish his career where it started, while solidifying the depth of the most important position on the...

Cowboys News: Bye-Bye, Kyle Orton


Dallas gets one training camp distraction out of the way. We'll miss you, Cap'n Neckbeard. Not.

Take The Poll: How Will Orton's Deal Be Resolved?


The Cowboys are still waiting to see what Kyle Orton will do, and whether they can recover any of their money.

NFC East News: Kyle Orton skips mandatory minicamp


Is the division's best backup quarterback really going to retire?

What's The Deal With Kyle Orton?


One NFL writer says that Kyle Orton has informed the Cowboys he plans to retire. But strangely, there is no followup anywhere. What does it all mean?

Whither, The NeckBeard: Kyle Orton Retires


One of the Cradle of Quarterbacks has decided to hang it up.

Will Orton Leave The Cowboys?


Dallas' backup quarterback is still a no show, which leads to obvious questions about his future with the team.

Stephen Jones Still Expects Kyle Orton To Play


The Cowboys backup QB hasn't been seen at Valley Ranch, but he' s still expected to play in 2014.

Kyle Orton No Show For Cowboys


The ongoing workouts are officially voluntary, but those who don't participate can spark rumors about their future. Kyle Orton's no-show on day one has done just that.

John Elway, as told by Braveheart


Sometimes I have these crazy ideas that I normally don't pursue any further than the "that would be cool" phase. However, melding one of my favorite movies of all-time with my favorite sports icon...

Cowboys Backup Quarterback Questions


Apparently Kyle Orton will be back, so what is Brandon Weeden's role?

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