Fakhir Brown

St. Louis Rams #34 - Cornerback

  • Born: 09/21/77
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 192

Chargers By The (Jersey) Numbers: #24


Chargers By The (Jersey) Numbers: #24. Posthumous winner. No real standouts, but that's part of the fun. Bob Howard, Stanley Richard.

DeAngelo Hall and the Rams pass defense


The Rams have been cited as a team interested in the services of newly released CB DeAngelo Hall. Could he help their pass defense?

More matchups


Here's a look at a couple other matchups on my mind for today's game. Still no word on whether Steven Jackson, Little and Carriker are set to play. They've got a few hours to decide...hope nobofy...

Rams will have to account for Williams and Williams


As mentioned earlier, it's a good thing the Rams persauded CB Fakhir Brown to resign with the team.They'll need a cover corner as the Cowboys intend to play new addition WR Roy Williams. You still...

Trade deadline hits the Rams after all


As Haslett and the Rams hammer out  the final details of the agreement that would automatically make him the team's head coach for 2009 if he wins six games, he can take some comfort in...

Rams resign Fakhir Brown


This is a good move. With Manning Jr. breaking his foot this week against the Redskins and Tye Hill banged up, the Rams need help at cornerback...like the one they mysteriously cut a few weeks...

The Space in Between


 Well, the good thing about a bye week is that we can't lose.  Seriously, though, we couldn't have fired Linehan at any other time.  Two weeks ago, in a post-Seahawks diary, I wrote: Regardless of...

Rams working on a deal with Fakhir Brown


Turns out it's more than just idle chatter about Rams new head coach Jim Haslett wanting to bring back CB Fakhir Brown. The Rams are now involved in negotiations to bring back the CB released as...

Fakhir Brown back to the Rams?


We were all a little shocked when the Rams cut CB Fakhir Brown. He was the team's best CB, but his play was, well, different and speculation about problems between Brown and the coaching staff...

Linehan throws it back to Bulger


The wackiness continues at Rams Park. Buzz about Jackson's radio comments started to take off, and when Linehan was asked about SJ's remarks, he said that he had not spoken to SJ about them but he...

Rams to start WR Donnie Avery


Hey, can the Rams suspend their season while they deal with the crisis surrounding the team? No, they can't, but they did make plenty of adjustments yesterday to try and create some new looks and...

Banned substance violation behind Brown's release?


I don't buy the banned substance violation talk about why the Rams released Fakhir Brown. If it were simply a matter of knowing that the ax was going to fall on Brown for substance violations, why...

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