Greg Ellis

Oakland Raiders #99 - Defensive End

  • Born: 08/14/75
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 265

Cowboys release DeMarcus Ware

The Cowboys let go of their top pass rusher with the release of DeMarcus Ware. The move opens up $7.4 million in cap space for Dallas.


Great news! Alex loves hitting Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs traded for Alex Smith this offseason but we haven't answered one very important question about him: does he enjoy beating up Raiders players? Yes! The answer is yes!

Panthers MLB Jon Beason Faces Uphill Battle


MLB Jon Beason tore his achilles just under a year ago. A look at the road to recovery, and what we can expect year one from him.

Eagles Roll The Dice With Ryans


On March 21, when the Eagles acquired DeMeco Ryans, optimism swelled in Philadelphia. After fans and bloggers debated for months, seemingly since Week 2 of the season, on who should be targeted to...

Fearless Season Prognostication: The Return Of The O-Ring


How will the Cowboys fare this season? One writer says they'll go as far as their weakest link can carry them.

Minnesota Vikings' Best Draft Picks - Randy Moss


The Minnesota Vikings made the obvious choice in the 1998 NFL Draft, and it worked out for the best.

The Cowboys Cut To 53: What It Means Philosophically


What does the Cowboys Cutdown to 53 players say about Jerry Jones? Recent roster moves reveal a philosophical shift at Valley Ranch.

Why You Can Forget About Rolando McClain


Why can Oakland Raiders fans expect Rolando McClain to get passed up on this April by their team?


Cornell Green: Swapping Coasts

          The former penalty prone Raiders Offensive tackle Cornell Green has signed a 3 year $9 million contract with the Buffalo Bills according to Raiders beat writer Patrick Patterson. G...

To Tag Or Not To Tag: Rich Is The Question


It's anticipated Al will bite the bullet, pay Richard Vershaun Seymour the going rate for franchise DEs, $12,400,000, and that's that. But considering the enormity of that amount, Seymour's...

Game Thread: It Is Turkey DAY!!! Let's Stuff the Run and Run Run Run Ourselves!!!


Game Thread: Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys in the 2009 Turkey Bowl!!

Shock the WORLD Oakland Raiders! Take Down the 4-0 New York Giants! Game Thread:


SBN's Oakland Raider Game Thread: Raiders in the Meadowlands 10-11-09: The 2009 Raiders Put The "D" in Oakland!

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