Brandon Carr

Dallas Cowboys #39 - Cornerback

  • Born: 05/19/86
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 207
  • Seasons: 7

Carr Speaks Out On Cowboys Defensive Philosophy


Recently Brandon Carr spoke with the media about the changes that are taking place with the Cowboys defensive strategy. Will the philosophical shift be more evolutionary or revolutionary? Could it...

Is Mo Claiborne Finally Living Up To The Hype?


After two injury hampered seasons, things are finally starting to trend upward for Morris Claiborne. Will the former first-round draft pick regain the starting role in the Dallas secondary?

Where Do The Boys Go From Here?


The Cowboys have the potential pieces to survive the loss of leader Sean Lee. It is a matter of pulling those pieces together.

Brandon Carr has yet to bloom for the Cowboys


The former Chiefs corner hopes to "take over the league" in 2014.

The Linc - Cowboys ready to "take over the league"


Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 5/20/2014.


Quotable: Cowboys ready to 'take over'

It's May which means it's time for players to make hyperbolic predictions. Enter Brandon Carr.

The Cowboys Corners Need To Up Their Game In 2014


While Carr, Claiborne, and Scandrick are all safe from being cut, Dallas has once again brought in some competition to help make the Cowboys secondary a better unit in 2014.

Your Predictions Please: Who Will Cowboys Pick?


It's put up or shut up time. Put together a list of 25 players you think the Cowboys will draft and submit them for the record. After the draft we'll look at how accurate our predictions were.

Could Dallas Draft A Corner In The First?


Continuing my look at other players that could be options for Dallas at 16, I turn to a position not many are talking about, cornerback.

Cowboys Looking To Draft A Cornerback?


All eyes are on defensive line candidates for the Dallas Cowboys to draft, but the team seems to want to draft best player available. Some recent activity hints that cornerback may be another...

Jason Garrett Talks Defense


In the final year of his contract, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett finds himself focusing on restoring the team's defense to be the most critical test he has faced.

Brandon Carr Says He Learned A Lot In 2013


The free agent corner claims that 2013 was a learning experience for him. Now 2014 looms as his "final exam". Will Carr rebound to pass with flying colors, or will Dallas look to move on after next...

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