Robert Henson

Washington Redskins #51 - Linebacker

  • Born: 01/27/86
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 245

5 Questions w/ BGN on Why The Eagles Suck So Much


JimmyK breaks down the Eagles DLine and OLine woes for us, and to my surprise, picks the Redskins to win this week.

Re-Grading the Redskins 2009 Draft


CBS Sportsline gave the Redskins a "B"...I give them a "D+" after looking at other available options.

Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays


1. It was hard hearing Robert Henson tell me about being waived from the team. He was the first player that we established a relationship with and he was a good man. It is hard sometimes as fans...

Robert Henson Has Been Waived By the Redskins


We had the chance to speak with recently waived linebacker Robert Henson about the decision Mike Shanahan made.

Roster Battles: Inside Linebackers


Redskins Roster Battles: Inside Linebackers

Fat Pickled Hogs Radio Tonight at 9pm - Davin Joseph & Robert Henson


We're back! We know you know you missed it. Maybe you didn't miss it like you miss Rob Johnson scrambling around a Redskins backfield, but miss it in a T.J. Duckett kind of - mild effort...

Pickled Hogs Radio Tonight with Robert Henson, Ivan Carter - 9PM


For those that missed it on Twitter, Redskins ILB Robert Henson and Hogs Haven's own Ken Meringolo dueled in Madden '11 last night. A couple months ago, they last played a couple months ago where...


5 young Redskins I would like to see contribute more next season

First of all, this post is not about the rookies the Redskins drafted. Obviously, it would be nice to see all the 12 players that were drafted contribute next year, but I am focusing on young...

Pickled Hogs Radio Tonight with Neal Olkewicz - 8pm


Promo for our radio show tonight with Redskins great LB Neal Olkewicz, who was a player rep for the Redskins during the 87 lockout.

Redskins LB Robert Henson Stays Connected With Fans


Redskins linebacker Robert Henson stays connected with the fans and offers his thoughts on the lockout and what his hopes are for the weeks and months ahead.

Pickled Hogs Radio Wednesday Night with Reed Doughty - 9PM


Reed Doughty joins us on our radio show tonight.

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